Is there a word for no in Chinese?

1. 不 (bù) is more closely translated to “not,” and is often paired with a verb to create the antonym. 2. 不是 (bù shì) is defined as “to not be,” and when used as an answer, either 是 (shì) or 不是 (bù shì), you’re really saying, “It is/I am,” or, “It is not/I am not.”

How do you say no in Chinese politely?

Is it rude to say no in China?

If you’re at all familiar with Chinese language and culture, you may already understand that it’s considered rude to sayno” in Chinese or to directly refuse an offer. In fact, there is no word in Mandarin Chinese that is the exact equivalent to the word “no” in English.

How do you say no in Chinese Cantonese?

How do you say OK in Cantonese?

好呀 (hou2 aa3 | ) : OK, fine – CantoDict.

How do you say disgusting in Cantonese?

肉酸 (juk6 syun1 | ) : ugly; disgusting; blood-curdling; flesh-crawling – CantoDict.