How do you use anyway in a sentence?

(sentence adverb), (informal) You use anyway to say something does not matter, or you don’t care. We were told not to go, but went anyway. I didn’t go to the concert. I’m not a big rock fan, and I didn’t have a ticket anyway.

What words can you not start a sentence with?

A sentence should not commence with the conjunctions and, for, or however….

Is it polite to say anyway?

If you want to avoid debate or write in a formal tone, use the standard anyway. But if you don’t mind sounding informal, or if you are aiming for a down-to-earth tone like Clyde Haberman’s, it’s okay to use anyways. It is a word—a nonstandard, colloquial, informal word—that some people won’t like to see.

Is saying anyway dismissive?

Sometimes anyways can be sarcastic or dismissive, used to move on from some objectionable but ultimately unimportant remark or matter: “Anyways ….”

What is a good way to start off a sentence?

Seven Effective Ways to Start a Sentence
  • Adjective (a word that modifies a noun) …
  • Adverb (a word that modifies a verb) …
  • Prepositional phrase (a phrase that starts with a preposition) …
  • Infinitive phrase. …
  • Gerund phrase. …
  • Participle phrase. …
  • Adverb clause.

What 3 words should you never start a sentence with?

You should never start a sentence with the words “and” or “but” – never.

What does the phrase anyway mean?

in any way
Definition of anyway

1 : in any way whatever : anywise. 2 : in any case : without regard to other considerations : anyhow She knew it was dangerous, but she did it anyway.

Do you put comma after anyway?

If the word “anyway” is placed after a sentence’s initial clause, you should place a semi-colon before it instead of a comma. The word takes no comma before it if placed at the beginning or end of a sentence. If, however, it comes in between the subject and verb of the sentence, you do need a comma before “anyway.”

How do I use anyway and by the way?

Generally, the difference is that “by the way” moves away from the topic and “anyway” reverts back to a previous topic. But “anyway” can also be used to end a discussion about a topic and introduce a whole new topic. “By the way” is never used when you want to go back to an older topic.

Is saying anyway rude?

Using the word anyway at the beginning of the sentence can appear to be impolite at times. How polite or impolite the word sounds might depend on the speaker’s voice. It also depends on the person you are speaking to. … You will notice that the speaker uses the word anyway.

How do you use anyway in a question?

English speakers sometimes add “anyway” to the end of a question like this: Where are we going anyway? Adding “anyway” suggests that you’re a little bit annoyed. It’s like saying “I don’t like (something).

When did anyway become a word?

13th century
The oldest sense of anyways is “in any manner or respect,” and it is pretty old, having been in use since the early 13th century. Not only have we been writing anyways for 800 years, it wasn’t just slipped in as a mistake in one or two old scrolls; the word may be found regularly over the centuries.

What is a synonym for anyway?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for anyway, like: regardless, anyhow, nevertheless, anyways, at-any-rate, in-any-case, in any manner, in-any-event, after-all, actually and thats.

Why is anyways wrong?

Anyways is incorrect because if you literally observe the word, you can choose one of the many ‘ways’, which makes our choice singular. Hence, ‘Anyway’. Also, ‘Anyway’ is used as an adverb (unless used at the start of a sentence), and adverbs can not be plural.

Whats the opposite of anyways?

Opposite of in a random or unpredictable manner. methodically. systematically.

How do you replace anyway?

  1. anyhow,
  2. anyways.
  3. [chiefly dialect],
  4. regardless,
  5. whatever.

How do you write anyway in an email?

anyways mean the same thing. And in casual conversations and writing, you can use them in the same way. But whereas anyway is recognized as a formal word, anyways isn’t. So if you want to play it safe when writing formal emails, proposals, and reports, stick with anyway.

Is there anyway synonym?

Anyway Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for anyway?
regardless irregardless
despite this in spite of that
in spite of this just the same
despite everything in spite of everything
all the same at any rate

What does any wise mean?

Definition of anywise

: in any way whatever : at all.