How do you switch to 3rd person in Skyrim?

How do I change my FOV in Skyrim Xbox?

Should I change my FOV?

If you want a change of pace, then playing around with your FOV could be well worth the effort. The lower your FOV, the closer your character model will be to your screen, and the higher it is, the farther away it’ll be.

What is the best FOV for Skyrim?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Im on a 16:9, 27 inch screen. Typically i set most of my games to the standard for that, which is an FoV of about 90.

How do you uncap SE FPS in Skyrim?

How do you Noclip in Skyrim?

What FOV do you play Skyrim?

90 in Skyrim, always. 90 is my minimum for most games.