How do you install a solar light?

How do you activate solar lights?

Getting your solar lights ready for first use

When you first get your solar lights, take them out of the packaging, remove any plastic tabs, turn the switch to ON and leave them in an area filled with sunlight to charge. When the sun goes down, turn your solar lights back to OFF so they don’t shine that first night.

Where should solar lights be placed?

Place them where they are plainly visible and where they won’t get in the way. It may be helpful to draw out a plan of where you want to install your new lights beforehand. Of course, solar lights require sunlight to function, so you’ll also want to make sure yours get the maximum amount of direct sunlight each day.

How do you charge solar lights for the first time?

To maximize battery capacity, the solar light should be fully charged by direct sunlight for eight hours before initial use.