How do you pronounce this word Shoshone?

What does Shoshone mean in English?

Etymology. The name “Shoshone” comes from Sosoni, a Shoshone word for high-growing grasses. Some neighboring tribes call the Shoshone “Grass House People,” based on their traditional homes made from sosoni. Shoshones call themselves Newe, meaning “People.”

How do the Shoshone pronounce Sacagawea?

But here’s the controversy part: Members of Sacagawea’s original tribe maintain that her name should be pronounced as they pronounce it. And that is – you guessed it – SAK-a-ja-wee-ah.

How do you pronounce the city of Idaho?

BOISE — It’s not Boi-zee, Koo-na, Kam-eye-uh, Wiser or Weepy. If you’ve spent much time in Idaho, you have probably heard someone mispronounce the names of cities like Boise, Kuna, Kamiah, Weiser and Weippe.