What is mean by carrying?

verb (used with object), car·ried, car·ry·ing. to take or support from one place to another; convey; transport: He carried her for a mile in his arms. to be the means of conveying or transporting (something or someone): The wind carried the balloon out of sight. to be enceinte with: His wife is carrying twins.

Is carried correct?

Correct spelling for the English word “Carried” is [kˈaɹɪd], [kˈaɹɪd], [k_ˈa_ɹ_ɪ_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Which is correct spelling or spellings?

The verb spell commonly means to write or name the letters making up a word in the right order. Spell is a verb with irregular and regular forms. Spelled and spelt are both common forms of the past tense and the past participle of spell, though with geographical differences.

What is a spelling sentence?

A spelling sentence is a sentence written by a student that: 1) contains at least one of the spelling words being studied that week; and 2) is at least nine words in length. Spelling sentences should be checked (by the student and parent) so that they do not contain any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors.

What is spelling Favourite?

Favorite and favourite are both correct spellings, depending on whether you use American or British spelling standards. Favorite is preferred in American English, while favourite is preferred in British English.

How do you say Favourite in English?

Why is it spelled Colour?

Color is the spelling used in the United States. Colour is used in other English-speaking countries. The word color has its roots (unsurprisingly) in the Latin word color. It entered Middle English through the Anglo-Norman colur, which was a version of the Old French colour.

How do you spell beautiful?

How do you say beautiful in American accent?

How do u remember to spell beautiful?

Mnemonic Device: Big Elephants Are Under Trees In Forests Until Light. Brown Eggs Are Useful To Ill Friends Under Light.

What is the correct spelling of tomorrow?

Correct spelling for the English word “tomorrow” is [təmˈɒɹə͡ʊ], [təmˈɒɹə‍ʊ], [t_ə_m_ˈɒ_ɹ_əʊ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Is this how do you spell pretty?

How Do You Spell PRETTY? Correct spelling for the English word “pretty” is [pɹˈɪti], [pɹˈɪti], [p_ɹ_ˈɪ_t_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

How can I remember how do you spell answers?

Split the word answer into two and pronounce as “ans” “wer”.

How can I remember how do you spell words?

Start off with basic words with a predictable letter pattern where the grammar is not abnormal. Pronounce the word out loud, how it sounds like it should be pronounced. Wednesday sounds like Wensday, so instead of pronouncing it as such pronounce it Wed-nez-day. This will help you remember how it is spelled.

How do you spell answer?

Spelling of Answer: Answer is spelled a-n-s-w-e-r. Definition of Answer: An answer is a response to a question—either written or spoken.