How do you work a spinnerbait?

Where do you use a spinnerbait?

How do you catch fish with spinnerbait?

Do you put bait on spinnerbait?

Draw in the bait quickly to keep the spinners high in the water. A spinnerbait works best when it’s near the surface of the water and forces fish to look up at it. The spinners will catch the sunlight most effectively in this position, and this will lead to a large number of strikes on the bait.

Is spinnerbait good for bass?

Yes, absolutely. Spinnerbaits are among the best lures for night fishing because their blades give off strong vibrations in the water, which attracts bass that can readily sense the vibrations with their lateral line organ.

Do you need a weight for spinnerbait?

When should I burn my spinnerbait?

How fast should I reel in a spinnerbait?

Spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, swimming jigs, topwaters and most other baits are best served with a medium speed reel. When I’m spinnerbaiting, for example, 5:1 is just too slow for anything but slow-rolling, and 7:1 is too fast — you have to slow down just to keep your bait in the water. A medium gear ratio is just right.

Do spinnerbaits catch big bass?

Catch Big Bass With Spinnerbaits. “You can’t catch big bass with spinnerbaits. It’s just not a big bass lure.”

What does it mean to burn a spinnerbait?

By Wired2Fish Editors · Nov 05, 2015

In this case, “burning” means reeling the spinnerbait as fast as possible while keeping the lure just two to three inches below the surface. … A thinner wire increases the lure’s overall vibration and also makes it easier to retrieve.

Should I use a swivel with a spinner?

We do not recommend attaching a spinner directly to a swivel. Most fishermen use a swivel that is way too big and this can interfere with the action of the lure. If you are set on using a swivel, we recommend you tie a very small top quality ball bearing snap swivel to the end of your main line.

What color are fish attracted to the most?

Green Light and White Light are the most common colors used to attract fish to Boats, Docks and Piers because they are brighter and will attract fish from a greater distance.