Where do equipment operators work?

Heavy equipment operators operate heavy equipment used in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, gas and oil pipelines, tunnels, buildings and other structures, in surface mining and quarrying activities and in material handling work.

Where are heavy equipment operators paid the most?

Detailed List Of Heavy Equipment Operator Salaries By State
Rank State Average Wage
1 Illinois $74,990
2 Wyoming $56,630
3 Indiana $54,280
4 Minnesota $60,090
Feb 1, 2018

What industry is a heavy equipment operator?

construction industry
Heavy equipment operators are skilled workers who are trained to handle heavy equipment. They are usually in the construction industry. Some of the equipment they operate are forklifts, bulldozers, dump trucks, backhoes, excavation machines, and mixer trucks.

Are heavy equipment operators happy?

Heavy equipment operators are employed, often to operate more than one type of machine and to do a wide variety of tasks. Of course they are happy; it’s the best job in the world! … All you need to do is complete our training program at ATS Heavy Equipment Training School and you’re ready to start your career.

Do heavy equipment operators make good money?

At the big-picture level, heavy equipment operators will enjoy a median salary of $65,657 — across all equipment and experience levels — according to data collected as of Feb. 26, 2021. Approximately 50 percent of all heavy equipment jobs will have an annual salary ranging from $54,889 to $74,493.

Is there a shortage of heavy equipment operators?

Yes. A combination of increased investment in infrastructure, older construction workers retiring, and a decrease in immigrant workers has resulted in a job shortage. However, the inability to find skilled heavy equipment operators and other construction workers has put some projects on the back burner.

What are two job duties heavy equipment operators perform?

The heavy equipment operator’s duties include preparing and manipulating heavy equipment to ensure the appropriate movement of materials, and liaising with coworkers to ensure that the projects are completed accurately. You will be required to conduct your duties in a safe, diligent manner at all times.

What skills does a heavy equipment operator need?

Strong critical thinking ability. High attention to detail. Ability to make decisions that prevent accidents and damage to property. Physical ability to work a strenuous work environment and strength to operate heavy equipment.

What is the job outlook for heavy equipment operator?

10% (2014)
Construction equipment operators/Projected 10-year growth

How many people are heavy equipment operators?

There are over 333,266 Heavy Equipment Operators And Foreman currently employed in the United States. 3.2% of all Heavy Equipment Operators And Foreman are women, while 95.1% are men. The average age of an employed Heavy Equipment Operator And Foreman is 45 years old.

How many heavy equipment operators are there in the US?

160,156 Heavy Machinery Operators
Heavy Machinery Operator Statistics and Facts in the US

There are over 160,156 Heavy Machinery Operators currently employed in the United States. 11.2% of all Heavy Machinery Operators are women, while 85.3% are men. The average age of an employed Heavy Machinery Operator is 45 years old.

Is heavy equipment mechanic a good career?

When a forklift breaks down or a boom truck is due for its regular maintenance, companies call on heavy equipment mechanics. With 119,280 of these workers in the US as of May 2014, it’s definitely a career worth considering.