In which episode Gretchen dies?

“Prison Break” Deal or No Deal (TV Episode 2008) – IMDb.

Who does Lincoln Burrows end up with?

Lincoln Burrows, played by Dominic Purcell, is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American television series Prison Break.
Lincoln Burrows
Spouse Lisa Rix
Significant others Veronica Donovan Sofía Lugo Sheba

Is the final break episode 23 and 24?

Prison Break: The Final Break is the first and only special movie of Prison Break. In this movie, Michael Scofield appears to die.

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“Prison Break: The Final Break”
Series Prison Break
Season 4
Episode 23/24
Writer(s) Paul Scheuring

Does Sara get beheaded?

She is revealed to have been kidnapped by The Company, and is said in “Good Fences” to have been murdered in response to a failed rescue attempt. She was decapitated and her head was sent to Lincoln Burrows in a box.

Does Lincoln get executed?

He wants Michael turn around and look at the man sitting behind him but Michael misses Linc’s signal. The execution is surprisingly delayed by the judge, and Lincoln’s life has been momentarily spared because the judge ordered the exhumation of the body of Terrance Steadman, the Vice President’s brother.

Does Lincoln get executed in the 100?

Pike executed Lincoln by shooting him in the head, leaving his body behind in a puddle of mud. Octavia later returned to Arkadia and was able to give him a proper Trikru farewell. Lincoln was avenged when Octavia killed Pike in “Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)”, after A.L.I.E.’s defeat.

When did Sara Tancredi get enceinte?

in Season 4. Sara was enceinte with Michael Jr. in Season 4. Christina Scofield discovered that Sara was enceinte and told Lincoln about Sara’s pregnancy when she kidnapped him (she told him he wouldn’t be an uncle).

Why is Sara Tancredi in jail?

Sara is arrested for the murder of Christina (Scofield) Hampton. She is held in the Miami-Dade State Penitentiary, where overcrowding necessitates that the female prison and jail inmates are housed in the same building.

Does Sucre get out of Sona?

Lincoln notifies Michael that Sona has burnt down and Sucre, Bellick, and T-Bag are no where to be seen. It is later on revealed that T-Bag caused the riot which allowed them all to escape. Bellick saved Sucre as he was about to get trampled.

Is Michael Scofield married?

As the principal character, Michael has been featured in every episode of the series. Although both Lincoln and Michael are the main protagonists of the series, Michael has been featured more extensively than Lincoln, especially in the first season and the third.
Michael Scofield
Spouses Sara Tancredi Nika Volek

What’s Michael Scofield real name?

Prison Break
Michael Scofield/Played by
Wentworth Earl Miller III (born June 2, 1972) is an American-British actor and screenwriter. He rose to prominence following his starring role as Michael Scofield in the Fox series Prison Break, for which he received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama in 2005.

Does Maricruz marry Hector?

(1×22) Maricruz has since gotten engaged to Hector and they traveled to Las Vegas to be married. After discovering this, Sucre travels to Las Vegas to stop her. Later, it is revealed that Maricruz left Hector at the altar which prompts Sucre to go after her.

What happened to Westmoreland’s money?

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Westmoreland’s Loot is the five million dollar ransom money Charles Westmoreland (under the alliance D.B. Cooper) stole and buried under a Silo next to The Double K Ranch in Tooele, Utah.

What happened to LJ Burrows?

L.J was kidnapped and was held under custody along with Sara Tancredi by the Company agents so as to force Lincoln and Michael to break Whistler out of Sona. … never knew Paul Kellerman turned against The Secret Service and The Company to help Michael and Lincoln, till this day he still considers him an enemy.

Does Sucre end up with Maricruz?

He reveals he never really had her and that he chased her off by threatening to arrest them for accessory. Sucre eventually finds out that Maricruz is in Chicago and calls her and tearfully tells her that he must stay in Panama until he gets his life back together. … After initially resisting Sucre ultimately agrees.

Who does Sucre end up with?

In the epilogue set 4 years after the rest of the events of the show, Sucre is seen living happily in Chicago with his wife Maricruz and his daughter. He is last seen visiting Michael’s grave along with the others, paying his respects to his best friend.

Who killed Frank Tancredi?

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Frank Tancredi
Biographical information
Cause of death: Hanged by Company agent.
Physical description
Gender: Male

Who escaped from Fox River?

Theodore Bagwell and Fernando Sucre were the only Fox River 8 escapees who were never captured by Alexander Mahone. Michael and Lincoln were temporarily recaptured, but escaped. 3 of the Fox River 8 escapees were leaders of prison gangs in Fox River: Theodore Bagwell, Benjamin Franklin, and John Abruzzi.

Does Sucre have a child?

Lila Maria Sucre is Fernando Sucre and Maricruz Delgado’s daughter. She appeared in episodes 1 and 22 of Season 4.

Does Sucre come back in Season 5?

Prison Break brought the gang back together for season five, but not everybody had a lot of screen time. Perhaps the most obvious example is Sucre, played by Amaury Nolasco. Often Michael’s trusted and reliable sidekick and friend, Sucre has barely featured in the revival series.

Is Brad Bellick deceased?

Bradley Brian “Brad” Bellick was the former captain of security officers or the senior corrections officer at the Fox River State Penitentiary.

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Brad Bellick
Biographical information
Died: 2005
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Drowned

How does Bellick get out of Sona?

It is revealed in the first episode of season 4 that Sucre, T-Bag and Bellick have all broken out of Sona during a riot which led to the prison burning down.