What level does Smurf village expand?

Level 19
The Island is a special, island expansion on both versions of Smurfs’ Village. It can only be unlocked at Level 19, and after the player completes all of Papa Smurf’s quest in that level. To get to the Island, the player must first do several quests given to them by Papa Smurf.

How many Smurfs are in the village?

100 SmurfsThough about 100 Smurfs live in this village, it appears to be rather small in area size. The Smurf Village is also adjacent to a large body of water that their sailing ship, the S.S. Smurf II, launches off into.

What level do you get Smurfette?

You will unlock more Smurfs as you complete the story Levels: Brainy after Level 1, Gutsy after Level 2, Jokey after Level 3, Hefty after Level 4, Smurfette after Level 6.

How do I get more Smurfs in Smurf Village?

Smurfs in the Main Village smurfs appear in the Main Village by default, while some must be unlocked by quests or bought with coins or Smurfberries. Marco Smurf – unlocked at Level 16. Visits friends’ villages and offers a gift on his return each day. Dreamy Smurf – unlocked at Level 19 and offers quests occasionally.

How many Smurfs are there in total?

100 SmurfsAccording to Spirou magazine N° 1954 from 1964, there are 100 Smurfs in total; this does not take into account later additions from the Smurfs films. Smurfette is a female Smurf who was created by Gargamel.

Are all Smurfs blue?

Their first appearance is in the original comic book story “The Smurfs And The Magic Flute” in 1958. They are little blue human-like creatures that live in a small mushroom-house village hidden within a forest, the exact location of which is unknown to all but Smurfs and Mother Nature.

What are the best mini games in Smurfs Village?

In Smurfs’ Village, minigames are accessed via certain Smurfs’ huts….Main Village.HutObtainingMinigamePapa Smurf’s HutFreePapa Smurf’s Potion MixingBakery80Greedy’s BakingHandy’s Workshop500Handy Smurf’s HammeringMiner Smurf’s Mine1000Miner Smurf’s Mining

What can Swoofs do?

Swoof huts are available to build after completing constellations in the observatory hut. Similar to the mountain, you can excavate craters for stardust, complete stars ( to fill constellations ) mystery eggs and mystery seeds as well as xp and coins.

Is Smurf Village offline?

PLAY OFFLINE – Manage your village anytime without having to connect to the internet.

How do you get resources in Smurfs Village?

Tap Scaredy Smurf once a day when it is dark in the village, to collect xp. Tap Handy’s Hut or Architect’s Hut once you find Handy’s blueprints to customize your huts using wood, stone, and dye. Collect these resources from Timber, Miner, and Marco. There could be other ways to earn resources too!

What is a Swoof?

A swoof is the predecessor of a smurf. The Smurfs descended from swoofs. The Swoofs lived on the planet Swoof. In fact, Papa Smurf used to send letters to his ancestors on the planet Swoof.

What planet are the Smurfs from?

All Smurfs, with the exception of Papa, Baby, Smurfette, Nanny and Grandpa, are said to be 100 years old. There were originally 99 Smurfs, but this number increased as new Smurf characters appeared, such as Sassette and Nanny. All of the original Smurfs were male; later female additions are Smurfette and Sassette.

What does EO mean in Smurf Village?

Garden Shop is an Exclusive Offer item which unlocks two new garden crops, the cauliflowers and the chili peppers.

How do I get wood in Smurfs Village?

Timber Smurfs hut is unlocked at level 7 and costs 300 gold in the main village. Timber Smurf gives XP and wood every 24 hours, the amount of XP and wood can be increesed by placing logs next to it.