Is Marty Stouffer still married?

Stouffer married Diane Michelle Dale on August 25, 1979; they have a daughter and a son. As of 2008, the family lives near Aspen, Colorado. In 1999, Stouffer turned his attentions to creating sculptures based on wildlife.

Is Marty Stouffer still around?

Since production of “Wild America” ceased in the mid-1990s, Stouffer has kept busy with syndication deals (pretty much at any time, “Wild America” is running somewhere on one of the four major broadcast networks), managing his film archive (stored in a vault in his basement) and new projects.

How old is Marty Stouffer from Wild America?

73 years (September 5, 1948)
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How many Stouffer brothers are there?

As Marshall Stouffer, the youngest of three brothers, growing up in Fort Smith, Ark., in 1967, Mr.

Where is Mark Stouffer now?

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Mark holds a Master’s Degree in Cinematography, and is a member of the Director’s Guild of America.

Who are Marty Stouffer’s brothers?

Marty Stouffer/Brothers
The lives of Marty Stouffer and his brothers Mark and Marshall, in the town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, were adapted for the film Wild America.

Who was wild America based on?

documentarian Marty Stouffer
Warner Bros. Wild America is a 1997 American adventure comedy film based on the life of wildlife documentarian Marty Stouffer. The film was directed by William Dear, written by David Michael Wieger, and starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Devon Sawa, and Scott Bairstow.

What book is Mark Reading in wild America?

Book Burning: Mark likes to torment Marshall by reading gruesome stories from his book of animal attacks. Marshall finally persuades Mark to give him the book so he can burn it in the campfire.

Who was Marty Stouffer married to?

m. 1979
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Was there a Marshall Stouffer?

Marty Stouffer presented the series “Wild America” for television, and, in 1997, the brothers’ beginnings were the subject of a film, “Wild America” starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Marshall Stouffer. Marshall Stouffer was usually the cinematographer.

Is Wild America still on TV?

Wild America is a documentary television series that focuses on the wild animals and wild lands of North America. … The show’s production ran from 1982 to 1994. The series is no longer on PBS; reruns still air in syndication on commercial television through much of the United States.

Who produced Wild America?

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