Where is Landon from the challenge now?

Since taking part in The Gauntlet 2, Landon has earned a degree in landscape architecture. While he hopes to head to the West Coast of the U.S. to work and settle down, for now he’s racing mountain bikes professionally and working in a bike shop.

Does Jodi win the duel?

In The Challenge hall of fame, Jodi Weatherton secured her spot a long time ago. After her tragic elimination from the Good Guys team on her first season, The Inferno 2, she came back for two more seasons, The Gauntlet 2 and The Duel — and won both. She’s never met a final she didn’t win.

What real world was Jodi on?

ContestantsPlayerOriginal seasonFinishBrad FiorenzaThe Real World: San DiegoEpisode 10Jodi WeathertonRoad Rules: X-TremeEpisode 8Robin HibbardThe Real World: San DiegoEpisode 4Jon BrennanThe Real World: Los AngelesEpisode 2

Is Derrick K from the challenge married?

Derrick Kosinski Derrick is divorced with one son, living in West Virginia. … Us exclusively announced in January 2021 that Kosinski is engaged to Nicole Gruman.

What nationality is ibis from the challenge?

Puerto RicoIbis Del Mar was born on July 16, 1984 in Puerto Rico. She is known for her work on De Viaje Con …

Why did Jodi leave the challenge?

Irrespective of the fact that Jodi attained much success on the show, she stepped away from the spotlight after her television career came to an end. This is partly because her seasons were filmed before social media became such a rage.

Are Laurel and Nicole still together?

HISTORY: Longtime fans were shocked when Laurel revealed she was bisexual, coming out after falling for Nicole on Invasion of the Champions. While they dated after the season ended, they split after six months.

How old is Wes from the challenge?

About 37 years (1984)Wes Bergmann/Age

How old is Beth from the challenge?

52 years (February 14, 1969)Beth Stolarczyk/Age

Did Tori cheat on Jordan?

He was out by episode three, while Tori made it to the final with Jordan by her side. Tori later confessed that she cheated on Derrick with Jordan, and she knew she was falling in love when they were flying to the Dirty 30 final. The duo started a relationship and things quickly got serious.