Why do random numbers keep calling me?

Scammers use Voice-over IP (VoIP) to make spam calls, so they don’t have to stick to one phone number. They can spoof different numbers, usually ones with the same area code as you. Spoofing can make it seem like they’re a real person calling. … VoIP is the reason why it seems like so many random numbers call you.

How do I stop getting calls from random numbers?

Block Numbers on Android

You should be able to open the Phone app and select recent calls or call history. Tap the number you want to block and find the command that says block and/or report as spam. You then confirm the order to block the number. Some Android devices also allow you to block all unknown callers.

Why do I keep getting phone calls from numbers I don’t know?

How about from numbers you do not know but have your area code? Unfortunately, your phone is being targeted by scammers. … Block numbers if you are getting many calls from the same unknown number. Do not call back numbers you do not know if they don’t leave a message because that might sign you up to receive more calls.