What are the 7 characteristics of pea plants?

On the next screen, he reveals that there are seven different traits:
  • Pea shape (round or wrinkled)
  • Pea color (green or yellow)
  • Pod shape (constricted or inflated)
  • Pod color (green or yellow)
  • Flower color (purple or white)
  • Plant size (tall or dwarf)
  • Position of flowers (axial or terminal)

Why was the pea plant a good choice for Mendel?

To study genetics, Mendel chose to work with pea plants because they have easily identifiable traits (Figure below). For example, pea plants are either tall or short, which is an easy trait to observe. Mendel also used pea plants because they can either self-pollinate or be cross-pollinated.

What are the characteristics of garden pea studied by Mendel?

Mendel chose seven pairs of contrasting traits, namely plant height, flower position, pod colour, pod shape, seed colour, seed shape and flower colour.

How many traits Mendel found on pea plants?

Mendel followed the inheritance of 7 traits in pea plants, and each trait had 2 forms. He identified pure-breeding pea plants that consistently showed 1 form of a trait after generations of self-pollination.