How do I become a millionaire on BitLife?

To become a Billionaire in BitLife, it will require us to be a famous actor, do commercials, sell products via social media, and then get a whole bunch of houses that will gain value as we head into old age.

What is the highest paying BitLife job?

At the end, you are able to get to Brain Surgeon where it is the highest paying career. Another job which can give you the highest salary is a model. If you have a good look, you can be a model. There are a lot of people who dream of being a star model where they can use their beauty to make a fortune.

What makes you the most money in BitLife?

The highest paying job in BitLife is going to be a Lead Actor or Singer. These careers both get you the fame bar, which can also be used to get a lot of money. The careers themselves have a high salary, but you can also use the Fame tab to write a book, film a commercial, and pose in a magazine.

Can you become the president in BitLife?

In the game of BitLife, you can become anything you want, including the President of the United States.

What is the richest country in BitLife?

Monaco, Saudi Arabia, and the USA are the richest countries in the BitLife world. Each country has its own specialties. While Saudi Arabia does not have an income tax for its citizens, Monaco is a good tax shelter. But the cost of living is higher than most of the other countries.

How do I marry a royal in BitLife?

If you want to date and eventually marry someone in royalty, you need to become famous. You can do that by raising your notoriety in any manner and ultimately promote yourself to become someone worthwhile to be around.

How old do you have to be to make love in BitLife?

In all countries, the minimum age for making love is 16. You cannot make love if your partner is 16 but you are not 16 yet. However you can still make love if you are 16 but your partner is 15 or under.

How do you get high athleticism in BitLife?

To gain more athleticism in BitLife, you will need to do a fair bit of exercising as a younger Bitizen. The ability to workout will open at age 8 in the form of Martial Arts and Walking. Do these at least once each year, and when you go for a walk do a Speed Walk for 2 hours.

How do you fix athleticism in BitLife?

If your character doesn’t make the cut, try taking to the gym and participating in various walks. We’ve noticed that this does increase their score, and overtime, it should improve, but not at a quick rate. You can continue to practice, work on your character’s overall health, and have them routinely end up at the gym.

Are there sports careers in BitLife?

Launched on Android:

Following the Pro Sports Update in October 2020, players can now have sports careers and become famous basketball, soccer, football, hockey, volleyball, and baseball champions!

How do you become a psychiatrist in BitLife?

How To Become A Psychiatrist In BitLife. Being a psychiatrist is a lot of hard work. It requires you to take up a psychology major in university and take up medical school after. You really need to be smart to be able to have psychology as a choice.

What are the famous careers in BitLife?

It’s pretty easy to get fame and become famous in BitLife – we have recommended three careers that you should opt for if you want to become famous in BitLife. These three careers are; writer, actor, and reporter. As an actor, you can get famous by becoming a movie star.