How do I change my location on Hulu?

  1. Open the Settings app and select Privacy > Location Services.
  2. If needed, toggle Location Services to on.
  3. Scroll down to locate Hulu.
  4. Select Hulu and choose one of the options for location services.

Why won’t Hulu let me change my home location?

If you have moved or your internet service provider has changed, please update your Home Location in your Hulu Account settings on a computer. If you keep trying, your account may be blocked. So, if you are trying to watch Hulu in two different locations, you will get the above error.

What zip code do I use for Hulu?

Enter your payment info. Under “Zip Code” you can use 90210.

Can I change my local channels on Hulu?

While you’re traveling, you’ll be able to watch the same national channels and regional sports networks that you can at home, but the local affiliates you’re offered may change based on your physical location.

Can I trick Hulu location?

Simply use a VPN to connect to a server in the US and it will appear as though you’re streaming from inside the US. By changing your virtual location, you trick Hulu into letting you watch. Now you can stream Hulu from wherever you are.

How does Hulu know my location?

Your Hulu home location determines which local and regional channels you can watch. Hulu will use your IP address to determine the location. When you use your mobile device to stream, you’ll still see your home location’s channels (even if you’re not home — as long as you’re still in the United States).

Why did Hulu change my location?

The most common cause of this error message is that you’re using a living room device that is connected to a network other than the one that was set as Home. Since our live TV plans are intended for single-home use, living room devices must be connected to your Home network in order to access Hulu.

What happens if I change my home location on Hulu?

A Hulu Live TV home network change not only affects the local and regional channels a subscriber has access to, but also the devices the live TV streaming service can be accessed on.

Why does Hulu ask for zip code?

The person who owns the account is then informed that the zip code and IP address of the device streaming don’t match up to the one that’s on file. They then imply that you must’ve moved. If that’s the case, they want you to update the account to match the new IP address and zip code.

Do you need a zip code for Hulu?

To setup your Hulu Plus account (or other US service), use your own street address that is associated with the billing address on the credit card you are using and convert the postal code into a valid US zip code just like in the instructions below. a) Take the digits from your postcode.

Can I watch Hulu in different zip codes?

You can do a specific address, or do a zip code like I did. While your here, make sure you have the option to enable geolocation disabled. This will prevent Hulu from getting your actual location. Now, you should be able to access Hulu with no restrictions!