What can I use to clean NES games?

Is it bad to clean NES games with alcohol?

Pure alcohol is best, but anything above 50% alcohol will work. Ignore the warning on the back of Nintendo cartridges that tell you not to use alcohol. This was a marketing ploy used by Nintendo to sell cleaning kits. This process takes time, and may take more than one cleaning.

How do you clean a Nintendo NES?

Can you clean NES games with Windex?

Windex will work because its main active ingredient is isopropyl alcohol, the same thing as rubbing alcohol. The only difference is that it’s only around 4% instead of 70-90%+ like rubbing alcohol. You could just get a large bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol and dilute it with water. It’ll give you the same results.

How can I fix my old NES games?

How do you clean NES games without taking it apart?

Pour a small amount of window cleaner/rubbing alcohol into a small cup. Dip the Q-Tip into the window cleaner/rubbing alcohol that you poured earlier. Be sure to only dip one side of the Q-Tip into the window cleaner. On the bottom of the NES game are metal contacts.

How do you reset an NES cartridge?

How do I get my NES to work?

Push down on the game to eject it while the console is on, put it back in and push power twice, then push reset many times, then the power button many times. Un-plug the NES and plug it back in with the NES power off.

Will NES games stop working?

Although you may have a problem with a specific NES game working, as of now NES games should always work properly. If you are having a problem with one game or multiple games not working when you put them in the slot, you may need to purchase a Game Genie. They fix the cartridge issue that most people experience.

How do I put games in my NES?

Do NES games break?

Even if you took excellent care of your games and system and they never needed cleaning, NES decks would routinely break down. This is because, although dirt and dust could indeed cause loading errors, the real problem was the lock-and-load cartridge slot.