How do I get rid of thousands of emails on my iPhone?

Tap-and-hold the “Move” button at the bottom, but don’t let go just yet. Next, tap to deselect the email you highlighted, then you can release your finger from the “Move” button. This will cause all emails in the filtered view to be selected at once, so tap “Trash” on the next screen to delete them all.

How do I delete thousands of emails at once?

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  1. Filter Emails. To get started, log into your Gmail inbox as you’d always do.
  2. Select all messages. Next, check a little box under the the search bar to select all displayed messages.
  3. Select all Conversations.
  4. Delete all Messages.
  5. Empty Trash.

Why do emails not delete on iPhone?

POP email downloads the messages to your iPhone and deletes them from the server, while IMAP accounts leave messages on the server and merely sync them with your iPhone. If messages cannot be deleted, it is likely you are using an IMAP service that has been incorrectly set up.

How do I reduce the number of emails on my iPhone?

Go to Settings->Passwords & Accounts->”account name”. From there, you may see an option for “Mail Days to Sync” that will determine how far back emails are kept. If you set to 3 days for instance, you will only have 3 days worth of emails for that account on your iPhone at any time.

How do I change the number of emails on my iPhone?

Open the Settings app > Mail, contacts,Calendars. Under the Mail section, tap Show, then set for the number of recent emails you want displayed. In settings, mail contacts and calendars there is a choice for up to 100 messages to be displayed. Actually it is up to 1,000.

How do I change email push settings on iPhone?

Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts. Tap Fetch New Data. Choose a setting — like Automatically or Manually — or choose a schedule for how often the Mail app fetches data.

How long do emails stay on iPhone?

By default, the iPhone will download the last 3 rolling days of messages to the phone for viewing. Older messages are not deleted from the server, they are just not visible. The 3 day default can be changed to up to 1 month. POP/IMAP: Deleted messages are removed after 1 week by default (adjustable to up to never).

How do I increase the number of emails in my inbox?

Click the little gear icon in the upper right corner, then click Mail settings. 3. Near the top of the General tab you’ll see Maximum Page Size. Click the arrow in Show X conversations per page and change the number from the default (usually 25) to 50 or 100.

How do I show all emails?

Why does “All Mail” not show up at the left of my Gmail screen?
  1. In your browser, sign in to your Google/Gmail account.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings:
  3. Click the Labels tab, and under System label find All Mail and click “show”:
  4. All Mail” is showing up at the left of your Gmail screen.

How can I see more than 100 emails in Gmail?

Originally Answered: how do I show more then 100 mails in gmail? Go to settings> General> Maximum page size and select 100 from the drop down menu. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and save changes. Go to settings> General> Maximum page size and select 100 from the drop down menu.

Is there a way to delete more than 100 emails at a time on Gmail?

1) Select Gmail “Settings” (the “Gear” Icon in the upper right corner, then select “Settings”). 2) In the “General” tab, under “Maximum Page Size”, you will see that “25” is usually set at the default number of visible conversations. 4) Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom and select “Save Changes”!

How do I delete thousands of unread emails in Gmail?