What’s Maraschino mean?

1 : a sweet liqueur distilled from the fermented juice of a bitter wild cherry. 2 : a usually large cherry preserved in true or imitation maraschino.

Do you spell maraschino cherries?

noun. a cherry cooked in colored syrup and flavored with maraschino, used to garnish desserts, cocktails, etc.

How do you spell maraschino?

Maraschino is not a name for the cherries. It’s the name of a liqueur flavoured with marasca cherries. Luxardo is a popular brand of it. It’s sweet with a slightly bitter flavour…

What is Maraschino flavor?

Maraschino liqueur has a bitter-dry flavor with the taste of sour cherry and hints of almond. There is an underlying sweetness, though it’s not as sweet as other liqueurs.