How much does it cost to start XFL?

On August 2, 2020, actor, producer, former professional wrestler, and former defensive tackle at Miami (Florida), Dwayne Johnson and longtime business partner Dany Garcia led a consortium with Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital to purchase the XFL for $15 million, hours before an auction could take place.

How much does an average XFL player make?

How much will XFL players make? The average player will earn about $55,000 over a 10-game season, but some quarterbacks will receive considerably higher salaries — in some cases approaching the NFL minimum of about $500,000.

Can you invest in the XFL?

It’s hard to say if the XFL will eventually hit the stock market. McMahon himself invested $123 million to get the formerly defunct league back into action. If McMahon grows the league similarly to the WWE, then going public with XFL stock is certainly possible.

How do you get into the XFL football?

One way the league will be harvesting its player is with the popular social media website, LinkedIn. While they’ll surely be combines, workouts and scouting trips to come, any prospective players or coaches can fill out a job application by filling out a form, attaching a resume and a cover letter.

Will the XFL return 2021?

The XFL plans on returning in the spring of 2022, but there is a lot that the league will have to accomplish in 2021 for that to happen. The XFL is returning in 2022, but there are many different factors in play and a lot of work that needs to be accomplished between now and then.

Will XFL have open tryouts?

For the first time in its history, The Spring League will be holding open tryouts. New prospects interested in playing in the TSL are required to participate in one of their Official TSL tryouts. The tryouts are part of a new partnership with American National Combines.