What is plucky person?

(plʌki ) adjective [usu ADJ n] If someone is described as plucky, it means that they face their difficulties with courage.

Is plucky a compliment?

Feisty, along with spunky and plucky, is an adjective that subtly undermines even while it ostensibly praises. As Oxford Dictionaries points out, feisty is typically used for people “who [are] relatively small or weak,” who might not be expected to display a lot of energy or courage.

What does plucky mean in a sentence?

having or showing pluck or courage; brave: The drowning swimmer was rescued by a plucky schoolboy.

Where did the word plucky come from?

plucky (adj.)

1831, colloquial, “spirited, courageous,” from pluck (n.) in the “courage” sense + -y (2). Related: Pluckily; pluckiness.

Is plucky a girl?

Plucky (パタヤ, Pataya?) is a sisterly chicken villager from the Animal Crossing series, originally exclusive to the later GCN games, in which she had the peppy personality. When she returned in New Leaf, she changed into a sisterly villager. Her name comes from the word “pluck,” the way humans pick chicken feathers.

Is plucky a real word?

plucky Add to list Share. To be plucky is to show courage. … Pluck is courage or heart, so to be plucky is to have those qualities. This word describes brave people and actions, and it means about the same as feisty and spunky.

What is the meaning of Blithsome?

lighthearted; merry; cheerful: a blithesome nature.

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