Why is it so hard to get birth control?

It may sound simple, but obtaining a prescription is actually one of the main barriers preventing many women from getting the medication they need. It’s difficult for many people to find the time to schedule and travel to a doctor’s appointment, and oftentimes, it’s too expensive.

What is conscience rule?

The Right of Conscience Rule was a set of protections for healthcare workers enacted by President George W. Bush on December 18, 2008, allowing healthcare workers to refuse care based on their personal beliefs.

Can Catholic doctor prescribe birth control?

Catholic health care organizations generally prohibit their employees from prescribing contraceptives for the purpose of birth control. This restriction might go against a clinician’s own beliefs and the explicit wishes of a patient.

How can I get birth control pills without an exam?

Planned Parenthood clinicians may prescribe hormonal methods of birth control without requiring a pelvic exam. We call this service HOPE, short for Hormonal Option without Pelvic Exam. Many women qualify. Hormonal Option without Pelvic Exam is a good option for some women.

What is the pharmacist refusal clause?

Conscience clauses give pharmacists the right to refuse to perform certain services if it violates their religious or personal beliefs or values. … Some states explicitly grant pharmacists the right to refuse to dispense drugs related to contraception on moral grounds.

What is the Weldon act?

The Weldon Amendment, which has passed in every federal HHS appropriations bill since 2005, prohibits federal funds from going to states that discriminate against any health care entity which does not pay for or provide coverage for abortions.