What is the oldest age you can rent a car?

Rental car companies here typically do not typically impose a maximum age limit. While there is no maximum age to rent a car in the US, it can be a different story when you travel elsewhere. Age limits vary between rental agencies and from country to country, but often fall between age 70 and 80.

Can a 75 year old rent a car?

Rental companies vary in how they treat older drivers. Some have an upper age limit for renting, while others charge a senior driver fee (often from age 70). The good news is that many rental companies don’t have any upper age restrictions. … Renting a car when you’re 70 or over is usually easy.

Can you rent a car over the age of 75 UK?

In the UK the age to rent a car varies wildly but typically starts at 21, however what most don’t know is that rental companies can also have an upper age limit and may not allow drivers over the age of 75 to hire a car.

What is the maximum age to rent a car in the UK?

There are no maximum age limits, but the minimum allowed age is typically 19 and sometimes 21, depending on the supplier. The UK rent a car age varies greatly by supplier; some allow drivers as young as 17 while others require a minimum age of 21 or 23.

Which car rental companies charge extra for drivers over 70?

Firms such as Thrifty, Sixt, Budget, Enterprise and Europcar either ban drivers aged 70 and over in some countries, or demand a hefty fee.

Can you hire a car in UK over 70?

In the UK, Budget sets an upper age limit of 75 and even those aged between 70 and 75 have to pay a daily surcharge of £10 for a maximum of five days. But except for Ireland and Malta – where it is also 75 – there are no age limits in most other countries.

Can you rent a car in Europe if you are over 75?

Car Rental Abroad over 75 Years of Age

In most of Europe, there is no car rental age limit for drivers over the age of 65. Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom all have all car rental over 80 years old.

Can you hire a car in Europe if you are over 70?

Many countries in Europe don’t impose maximum age limits on car rental. … Similarly, drivers over 70 can often expect to incur an extra fee when renting in the UK, and some agencies will refuse to rent certain classes of car to anyone over the age of 69.