How do I delete my Shopify account after trial?

How to Cancel Your Shopify Account in 4 Simple Steps
  1. Step 1: Account Settings. Ensure that you’re logged in as the account owner.
  2. Step 2: Store Status Section. At the bottom of the account page, there is a panel for Store Status.
  3. Step 3: Select Your Reason.
  4. Step 4: Confirmation.

How do I cancel my Shopify free trial?

Why can’t I close my Shopify store?

You may be unable to close your store due to a failed final invoice. If you have any pending app fees, you will need to pay these fees before you are able to close your store. You can confirm whether or not you have pending app fees under Settings > Billing within your admin.

How do I sell my Shopify store?

If you’re looking to sell your store on the Exchange Marketplace you’ll need to click on the “Sell your business” button, which you can find at the top right hand corner of their website. Enter your store address into the field, and you’ll be prompted to install the Exchange Marketplace app into your store.

What happens if I close my Shopify store?

After you close your store, you won’t have access to your Shopify admin. If you want to log back in, then you will have to enter your credit card details and reactivate your store. If you close your online store, then you can‘t create a new online store that uses the same store name or the same myshopify domain.

Will I still be charged if I close my Shopify store?

Lisa here from the Shopify Social Care Team. If you close your store before your upcoming billing date, you will not be charged for the following month. This also applies if you’re on a trial – you can cancel anytime within your trial period for free.

Will Shopify charge you if you cancel?

As outlined in their service policy and terms, Shopify doesn’t issue refunds. They do have an option for a free trial with no requirement for a credit card. In that case, you don’t have to worry about charges if you cancel during the trial.

What happens if you dont pay Shopify?

If you happen to have not enough funds to pay, you will receive email from Shopify regarding unsuccessful payment. Then your store will be frozen and inaccessible for public saying “Store will be back soon” on landing page. Once you do the payment, your store will be back as it was before.