What’s a self-care day?

International SelfCare Day (ISD), on 24 July each year, provides a focus and opportunity to raise the profile of healthy lifestyle selfcare programmes around the world. ISD is a device developed by the International SelfCare Foundation to promote selfcare as a vital foundation of health.

When Is Self-Care Day 2020?

Tomorrow, July 24th marks International SelfCare Day, an annual opportunity to put a spotlight on selfcare and the benefits that effective selfcare can bring to both individuals and health systems as a vital foundation of health care.

What day is National Self Love Day?

February 13, 2019 has been designated as International Self Love Day. “We often talk about how to ‘win over another’s love‘ or to ‘find love‘ when it comes to relationships with one another,” said Melissa O’Neill, LCSW, director of clinical operations at Timberline Knolls.

Is there a national Self Care Day?

This day will take place on April 5 of each calendar year. What is National Self Care Day? National Self Care Day is a reminder for everyone worldwide to remember to take a break and take care of themselves first! Everyone should do one thing that brings them joy and eases stress.