What are the rules of Qwixx?

The underlying rule in Qwixx is that numbers must be crossed out from left to right in each of the four colored rows. They do not have to be crossed out sequentially, but once you choose a number in the row to cross out, you can’t go back and cross out numbers before it in the row.

How do you score Qwixx?

Qwixx Scoring, Tallying and Winning

The scoring results are located on the ScoreBoard below the colored rows. Scores will be added together accordingly on every row. Then the score on every row will be added together. If you have received a penalty, this will be a minus five points from your score for every penalty.

Who goes first in Qwixx?

active player
The first player to roll a 6 takes on the role of “active player”. The active player rolls all six dice. The following two actions are now carried out in order, always one after the other: The active player adds up the two white dice and announces out loud, the resulting sum.

Can you play Qwixx online?

We both enjoy a dice game called Qwixx, so I built an online version that we could play together. Anyone can play the version of Qwixx that I built. You can visit http://matts-games.herokuapp.com/qwixx/new_game to start a new game. You begin by entering the players’ names.

How do you lock a row in Qwixx?

Locking A Row

Eventually a player will want to cross off the last number to the right of a row. For a player to be able to cross off the last number in a row they must have already crossed off five numbers in that row. When a player crosses off the last number in a row they will also cross off the lock symbol.

Can you play Quixx with 6 players?

It indicates that 2-8 players can play and that can be done. It’s not really bad since the game moves fast, but I think the game does start to lose something at 6 or more players. Each player gets a lot fewer choices because they can only choose to use the colorful dice once every 6 or more turns.