How do the British pronounce garage?

6. Garage = Americans put a “zsa” on the end like Zsa Zsa Gabor, pronounced ga-RAHJ. In the U.K., it’s pronounced “GARE-idge.” Like, “Can I park my bike in your GARE-idge?”

What do Brits call a garage?

Car park – n – Parking lot or parking garage.

How many pronunciation does the word garage have?

You are right, garage is a French loan and at first pronounced in the French way. After some time such words are pronounced in a way that is more conform to English pronunciation. OALD has three pronunciations for BrE (stress on the first syllable), and two for AmE (stress on the second syllable).

How do you say garage in America?

Why do British people pronounce garage?

Our last pronunciation is the American pronunciation, although you’ll probably find some British people pronounce it that way, because we are influenced by American media. But we know as a general rule that this is an American pronunciation, because they tend to put the stress on the second syllable.

Is Garage pronounced or garage?

Re: The correct pronunciation of the word “Garage“.

Is ‘Garagepronounced ‘Ga-ridge’ or a softer ‘Ga-rah-ge.

Is garage a French word?

Borrowed from French garage (“keeping under cover, protection, shelter”), derivative of French garer (“to keep under cover, dock, shunt, guard, keep”), from Middle French garer, garrer, guerrer; partly from Old French garir, warir (from Old Frankish *warjan); and partly from Old French varer (“to fight, defend oneself,

What is garage called in French?

[ˈɡærɑːʒ , ˈɡærɪdʒ ] garage m.

What is a garage called in Australia?

car repair shop: the regionalism is in the pronunciation – South-west Aussies say gar arj; Melbournians say garage as in carriage. Contributor’s comments: Victorians say “gar arj”! Editor’s comments: It is very difficult to restrict any single pronunciation to a definite area.

What is the French name for garage?

Translation Matrix for garage:
Noun Related Translations
garage garage; parking
garage accommodation garage; parking
parking place aire de stationnement; garage; garage au sous-sol; garage souterrain; garage à étage; parking; place de stationnement

Is garage feminine or masculine?

The gender of garage is masculine.

What is the meaning of garages?

: a building or part of a building in which a car, truck, etc., is kept. : a shop where vehicles are repaired. garage.

What is another word for garage?

What is another word for garage?
barn carport
shop storage
car stall parking lot
parking space repair shop

What is another name for a garage door?

What is another word for garage door?
automatic door sliding door
boxed roller door lateral-running door
overhead door shop door
workshop door

What depot means?

1a : a place for storing goods or motor vehicles. b : store, cache a fat depot in the body. 2a : a place for the storage of military supplies.

How would you describe a garage?

Here are some adjectives for garage: explosively hot and furry, private underground, luxurious ecclesiastical, usually bustling and noisy, pristine and blissfully warm, dark and noncommittal, free and otherwise satisfactory, picturesque private, explosively hot, narrow, closet-sized, armored ground-floor, big add-on,

How do you describe a beautiful bedroom?

Here are some adjectives for bedroom: hideously dark-blue, featureless and empty, shadowy and sumptuous, rear first-floor, large and disordered, strangely rumpled, big, best, catastrophically untidy, fragrant and cozy, hapless unprotected, large, dainty, immaculate and austere, tiny, thick-walled, oddly sunken, low-

How do you describe a garden?

Here are some adjectives for garden: adjacent zoological, enormous botanical, japanese formal, lush and shadowy, small topiary, gigantic botanical, warm botanical, private botanical, sterile oriental, great sparse, brilliantly torch-lit, superb botanical, own enny, roomy and beautiful, dim public, own verdant, sizable

What’s a fancy word for garden?

What is another word for garden?
park plot
yard orchard
patch allotment
nursery estate
garth greenery