How does MyLife get my info?

MyLife gathers personal information through public records and other sources to automatically generate a “MyLife Public Page” for each person. The site also allows people to search for any person in the United States, read their auto-generated public page, and review them.

Is MyLife com legit? is a complete scam. They say that someone is searching for you so you pay a dollar. Then you still can’t see who the person is because it’s no one. A week later they hit your account 4 times with 4 different amounts.

Can you sue MyLife? Must Face Class Action Alleging It Falsely Implied Man Was a relationship Offender. Nelson said MyLife’s profiles and “Reputation Scores” amount to a consumer report, while MyLife operates as a consumer reporting agency, so it can also be sued under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as for defamation.

Will someone know if I searched them on MyLife?

MyLife offers free access to information, photos, and profiles of everyone else in the site’s directories. You can also find out who is searching for you and what sites your contacts are visiting, according to the service. It isn’t clear whether your contacts know they’re sharing their Web history.

How much is a MyLife report?

Subscriptions varied. A one-month subscription for $19.95 gave people one “detailed background report” per month. Annual subscriptions were among others offered. The suit was filed on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a consumer protection agency.

Is MyLife worth paying for? is a scam that begins with a false solicitation telling potential victims that ‘someone’ is searching for them, and they can find out who by paying a small fee,” the suit said. It added that users do not realize they are signing up for long-term subscriptions.

What is a MyLife reputation score?

What Is MyLife Reputation Score? MyLife Reputation Score provides consumers, clients, and competitors searching your business an instant numerical value of your online brand image.

What is the highest reputation score on MyLife?

A good reputation score ranges from 0 to 5 on MyLife. The highest number (5) puts you on the high end of the website. The company says a bad reputation can hurt you personally and professionally.

Is a reputation score of 3.75 good?

With, a “goodreputation score would be anything over 600 (on a scale that goes from 0 to 1,000). A typical industry standard reputation score is around 525, and while it’s better than a bad reputation, it’s not going to do much to make a business stand out from its competitors.

Is MyLife a dating site?

Los Angeles-based claims to be the most comprehensive people search engine around. Now it’s using that technology to a new end — helping its users find romantic matches.