What is the easiest way to get Xenophage?

How do I solo the Xenophage quest?

How do I start the Xenophage quest?

To begin the Xenophage quest, head to Shadowkeep’s Moon destination. You’ll want to head to the area next to the Pyramid, except the portal by Eris isn’t around to take you there – so you have to get there on foot. To do this, head to the Sorrow’s Harbour area, then go north through the gates of the keep.

How do I get Xenophage Quest 2021?

Start The Quest

Head through the path to the North of the area, through the Enduring Abyss. Push through to the Pyramid, and look for four very creepy statues on the left and right. Interact with all four to cause a chest to spawn containing The Journey – the Xenophage quest.