What are examples of accoutrements?

Accoutrement sentence example

Sammie had to purchase a bigger gym bag so that she could carry all her lacross accoutrement . I’ve lost the accoutrement that attaches to my vacuum, and now I can’t clean my couch! You could find any accoutrement a handyman would need in the back of my work truck.

What is the origin of the word accoutrement?

accoutrement (n.)

usually plural, accoutrements, “personal clothing and equipment,” 1540s, from French accoustrement (Modern French accoutrement), from accoustrer, from Old French acostrer “arrange, dispose, put on (clothing),” probably originally “sew up” (see accouter).

What is accoutrement in food?

Answered 9 months ago. Accoutrements in food. Accoutrements are the personal/individual equipment of service people such as soldiers, sailors, police and firemen and employees of some private organizations such as security guards, other than their basic uniform and weapons .

Can accoutrements be food?

pieces of equipment that you need for a particular activity There was champagne, large seats, and good food—accoutrements you’d expect in first class.

What are charcuterie accoutrements?

From crunchy wheat crackers to sweet-tangy compote, here are five DIY accoutrements to elevate any cheese plate.
  • Homemade Wheat Crackers. Homemade Wheat Crackers. …
  • Pickled Grapes with Walnuts. Pickled Grapes with Walnuts. …
  • Dried Apricot and Cherry Mostarda. …
  • Toasted Nuts in Honey. …
  • Cranberry-Licorice Compote.

What is the plural of accoutrement?

accoutrement. or US accouterment /əˈkuːtrəmənt/ /əˈkuːtɚmənt/ plural accoutrements.

How do you pronounce les accoutrements?

Is accoutrement plural or singular?

An accoutrement is a clothing or equipment accessory. It can be specific to an activity, therefore is similar to paraphernalia. The plural is accoutrements.

What is accoutrement in real estate?

things that you have with you when you go somewhere or take part in a particular activity. Synonyms and related words. General words for possessions. real estate. property.

What does appurtenance mean in English?

Appurtenance is a legal term denoting the attachment of a right or property to a more worthy principal. … Appurtenance can also be an object or privilege associated with status, title, or affluence.