Who is Mr needful based on?

Mr. Dark
Mr. Needful’s design is based on Mr. Dark from the 1983 Disney adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. The black turtleneck he wears after becoming successful is a reference to Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple.

Who does Alfred Molina play in Rick and Morty?

Alfred Molina is the voice of The Devil in Rick and Morty.

Which episode of Rick and Morty is needful things?

Something Ricked This Way Comes

Needful Things is the name of an antique shop run by Mr. Needful. It appeared in the episode “Something Ricked This Way Comes“.

What Rick and Morty episode has DMX?

the Something Ricked This Way Comes
In the Something Ricked This Way Comes (season one, episode nine) post-credits scene, buffed-up versions of Rick and Summer – who got fit in the episode to give the Devil a beating – punch unsavoury individuals to the tune of DMX’s 2003 hit ‘X Gon’ Give It to Ya’.

Will Alfred Molina be in Spider-Man 3?

Alfred Molina has confirmed reports that he’s returning as Doctor Octopus for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3. … “When we were shooting it, we were all under orders not to talk about it, because it was supposed to be some great big secret,” Molina said.

What ethnicity is Alfred Molina?

His father, Esteban Molina, was a Spanish immigrant from Madrid, who came to England in 1939, and worked as a waiter and chauffeur. His mother, Giovanna (née Bonelli), was an Italian immigrant who moved to Britain after World War II, and who cleaned rooms in a hotel, and worked as a cook and housekeeper.

What episode does Rick get muscular?

“Something Ricked This Way Comes” is the ninth episode of the first season of Rick and Morty.

What episode does Rick take organic compounds?

“Something Ricked This Way Comes” is the ninth episode of the first season of the American science fiction comedy television series Rick and Morty. Aired on March 24, 2014, the episode was directed by John Rice and written by Mike McMahan.

What rappers have been on Rick and Morty?

Logic, Big Sean, & YBN Nahmir are just a few of the rappers who are big fans. The Adult Swim series Rick And Morty has managed to worm its way into every corner of pop culture, especially hip-hop.

How smart is Rick Sanchez?

He is over 300. “And considering his advancements in Science Fiction technology. His IQ would be well over 500. “Rick is the smartest man on earth.

When did Rick get his brain scanned?

Rick Stan Lee also states that Rick’s brain was scanned in Season 1 episode 9, when in fact the incident actually occurs in Season 1 episode 10.

What episode did summer work for the devil?

Something Ricked This Way
Summer gets a job at a pawn shop owned by the devil. Jerry helps Morty with his science fair project.

Who Killed Rick’s wife?

Diane’s death was the defining moment in Rick’s life that made him into who he is. The story of Diane has been the overarching mystery of the series from season one up until season five. She was murdered by another Rick via an explosion from a futuristic bomb.

Why is Rick’s skin GREY?

Cancer FightingDid you notice in season 3 episode 6 that detox Rick’s skin color turned lighter/less gray (left pic). It reverted to its previous color after he merged w toxic Rick (right pic).

Did Rick sleep with Nimbus?

However, as they contemplate leaving, Nimbus opens the door, disrobes and invites them in. The couple rushes in with Jerry asking for the tryst to be kept secret as Rick wouldn’t understand, to which Nimbus responds that Rick would, hinting he also slept with Rick.

Is Beth in love with Rick?

Rick finally tells her that he genuinely loves her, although in his own way. And proves this to her by giving her an ultimatum. He would clone her, and let her leave to do what she wants, or she could stay, and continue to care for the family.

Who is Beth’s mom?

Diane Sanchez
Beth Smith
Affiliation Space Beth: Galactic Revolution
Family Rick Sanchez (father) Diane Sanchez (mother) Space Beth (duplicate) CHUD-Rick hybrid (half-brother)
Spouse Jerry Smith (husband)
Children Summer Smith (daughter) Morty Smith (son) President Morty Smith (son)

Which one is the real Beth?

Beth Smith, commonly dubbed “Space Beth” by Rick Sanchez to distinguish her from other incarnations, is a character on Rick and Morty. She is either the original Beth Smith from the Replacement Dimension, or a clone of her.

Who was the clone Beth?

Rick and Morty season 4’s introduction of Space Beth raised the question of which Beth is a clone, and we think Space Beth is the real one. They said in the pocket Morty game, that the space Beth, was the clone Beth!

Is Morty a c137?

Dimension C-137 is first mentioned in “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind”, by the Council of Ricks. Morty also refers to himself as “from Dimension C-137″, unaware that he is not from the same dimension as Rick. … Because Jerry is not from Rick and Morty’s home dimension of C-137, Rick marks him as “N/A”.

Is Rick’s original Beth deceased?

Beth Sanchez was the original daughter of Rick Sanchez from Dimension C-137. … This episode also confirmed that Rick’s original Beth had died, and that at some point after Rick was 35, he started moving to dimensions where his daughter had survived to adulthood.