What is the meaning of bespoke?

1a : custom-made a bespoke suit. b : dealing in or producing custom-made articles a bespoke tailor. 2 dialect : engaged.

Why is the L silent in Almond?

A: The “l” in “almond” was silent until very recently. Interestingly, the “l” didn’t appear in the first syllable of amandola, the medieval Latin word from which “almond” was derived, or in the earlier Latin amygdala, or in the still earlier Greek amygdale.

How is couture pronounce?

How is Michal pronounced?

Pronounce Names
Pronunciation:mee-CHAL (with the “ch” as in bach)
Additional Information:michal is a name in several cultures–this is the biblical woman’s name, pronounced mee-CHAL, with the ch as in bach