What is a epistaxis medical term?

Nosebleeds (medical term is “epistaxis“) are very common. Almost every person has had at least one in their lifetime. They are usually caused by dry air or nose-picking. If you or your child gets a nosebleed, the important thing is to know how to manage it properly.

How do you say the word epistaxis?

What does epistaxis mean in English?

A nosebleed, also known as epistaxis, is bleeding from the nose. Blood can also flow down into the stomach and cause nausea and vomiting.

What causes a nose bleed for no reason?

Immediate causes of nosebleeds include trauma to the nose from an injury, deformities inside the nose, inflammation in the nose, or, in rare cases, intranasal tumors. Any of these conditions can cause the surface blood vessels in the nose to bleed.

What is Nakseer called in English?

Urdu Word نکسیر – Nakseer Meaning in English is Epistaxis.