How is the name Xing pronounced?

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Pronunciation:z IH ng z IH ng zen it sing What does this mean?
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Type of Name:Last Name

Is Xing a Chinese name?

Xing (Chinese: 邢) is a Chinese surname. There are two hypothesized sources for the extant catalogue of surnames: The year 662 BC saw the State of Xing taken over by the State of Wei, and the noble descendants entitled themselves their former state name as their surnames.

How do you say shing in Chinese?

(s)hin(g), sh-i-ng ] The baby boy name Shing is pronounced as -SHih-NG †. Shing is largely used in the Chinese language and its origin is also Chinese. The name is of the meaning victorious. The names Shingo and Shyng are variant transcriptions of Shing.

How do you pronounce Xiang in Chinese?