What states are OTF knives illegal?

An OTF Knife Laws Guide By Tekto Gear
California Yes, if blade is less than 2″ Yes, if blade is less than 2″
Colorado Yes, if blade is less than 3.5″ Yes.
Connecticut Yes Yes
Delaware No No
Nov 4, 2016

Can you own an automatic knife in NJ?

Unlawful Possession of a Knife: In New Jersey N.J.S. 2C: 39-3, the possession of these knives is prohibited: dirks, daggers, stilettos, switchblades, gravity knives, ballistic knives, and any razor blade embedded in wood.

Are OTF knives legal federally?

There is no Federal restriction on the sale of auto-open knives within the 50 states. There are some state laws with restrictions regarding selling switchblades (see State Laws Regarding Auto-Open Knives). There are no Federal restrictions on other carriers such as UPS or FedEx regarding automatic knives.

Is an OTF considered a switchblade?

In basic terms, a switchblade is a knife featuring a blade that springs out of the handle when a button is pressed. … The second type of switchblade is called the OTF (out the front) switchblade because the blade comes out at the top of the handle, like a pen.

Are slingshots legal in NJ?

It’s just a slingshot! Under New Jersey state law, manufacturing, transporting or possessing a slingshot without “an explainable, lawful purpose” is a fourth degree crime which is punishable by up to 18 months in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. How do you feel about slingshots being illegal in New Jersey?

How big of a knife can you carry in NJ?

Legal Knife Size

In NJ, it’s generally considered legal to carry a knife that has a blade up to 5 inches or a knife up to 10 inches of length.

Are OTF knives legal in NY?

It is illegal to own a switchblade, pilum ballistic knife, cane sword, or metal knuckle knife in New York. It is legal to possess a switchblade or gravity knife if using it for hunting, fishing, or trapping, as long as the person possessing it has a valid hunting and/or fishing license.

Are OTF knives legal in PA?

Currently, the State Code: Pa. C.S.A. 18.908 says possession of automatic knives is allowed only if the possessor has a “lawful purpose” for having such a knife. Carrying an auto blade is completely prohibited.

Are spring assisted OTF knives legal?

A spring assisted knife is legal in California as long as it “opens with one hand utilizing thumb pressure applied solely to the blade of the knife or a thumb stud attached to the blade, provided that the knife has a detent or other mechanism that provides resistance that must be overcome in opening the blade, or that …

What types of knives are illegal?

For instance, it is illegal to carry switchblades, balisongs, and butterfly knives, which are common in the United States. Furthermore, dirks, metal knuckles, daggers, and similar blades are illegal.

Is carrying a pocket knife illegal?

In most states – including New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, and South Australia – it is illegal to carry a weapon, even for self-defense. This includes knives, which states consider dangerous articles or prohibited weapons.

What is the largest knife you can carry?

Knife blades cannot be longer than 5.5 inches. Certain types of knives, such as switchblades, spring-loaded knives, swords, spears, and daggers are also outlawed.

What size knife is legal to carry?

2 inches
A. In the State of California, there is no maximum length for knives in general. However, the maximum legal length for a switchblade knife is 2 inches. Additionally, it is illegal to carry daggers or dirks concealed, and also illegal to carry many types of knives which are designed for concealment.

Can you carry a pocket knife in NJ?

New Jersey law prohibits the possession “without any explainable lawful purpose” of any “gravity knife, switchblade knife, dagger, dirk, stiletto, dangerous knife or ballistic knife.” Possession of a weapon in one’s home is arguably a “lawful purpose.” Pocketknives may be carried outside the home, except by one having

Are karambit knives illegal?

Are karambits legal to own? Generally, yes. Karambits are regulated at the state level and while each state’s laws can vary, most allow utility, work and functional blades that have a blade length of 3″ or less or that are specifically designed for hunting or agricultural use.

Are push daggers legal?

Are the push dagger and karambit legal in California? – Quora. Daggers are not illegal in California. However, it is illegal to carry a “dirk or dagger” concealed on your person.

Can I carry a knife on me?

In California, it is legal to buy, own, transport, and carry any knife that is not restricted. The three most common types of knives — switchblades, folding knives, and fixed blade knives (also known as dirks and daggers) — have certain rules surrounding them and are explained in more detail below.

Are boot knives legal?

California: No specific prohibitions on blade length or boot knives, but concealed fixed-blade knives are illegal, so you must make sure your boot knife is clearly visible for it to be legal. There are also prohibitions on where you can bring your knife regardless of concealment, such as a courthouse.

Are butterfly knives illegal?

In California, butterfly knives are prohibited. Under California Penal Code 21510 PC, butterfly knives are classified as a form of switchblade. Carrying, possessing in public, selling, or otherwise transferring a butterfly knife is illegal under this legislation.

Is a Swiss Army Knife legal?

A Swiss Army Knife having a non-locking blade with a blade-length less than 3 inches is usually legally allowed to be carried in the pocket in almost all countries. Such Swiss Army Knives are considered as pocket knives and are viewed as tools rather than weapons.

Are gravity knives illegal?

Gravity knives, as defined in the 1950s-era law, are no longer manufactured in the U.S. But the language of the current law banned any knife that can be opened with “the force of gravity or the application of centrifugal force,” or by “flicking” the knife open and then staying fixed in place.

What are Zen pins?

These bearings allow the handles of the balisong to rotate. … Instead, they use “Zen Pins”, which are two small pins embedded in the top of the handles of the balisong which make contact with the bottom of the blade.

Are ballistic knives real?

A ballistic knife is a knife with a detachable blade that can be ejected to a distance of several meters/yards by pressing a trigger or operating a lever or switch on the handle. Spring-powered ballistic knives first appeared in books and press reports on Soviet and Eastern Bloc armed forces in the late 1970s.