How do I lock cells in Google Sheets?

Lock Specific Cells in Google Sheets

To do so, open the sheet that you want to protect and highlight the cells you wish to lock. If you want to protect unconnected cells, you’ll need to repeat these steps for each range. With your cells selected, right-click any of the selected cells, then click Protect range.

How do I restrict rows and columns in Google Sheets?

Limit Number of Rows in Google Sheets Query
  1. Method # 1 Using the Array_Constrain Formula.
  2. Method # 2 Using the Limit Clause in Query.
  3. Method # 3 Using the Offset Clause in Query [Return Last Few Rows in Google Sheets Query]

How do I hide and lock columns in Google Sheets?

Can you lock a sheet in Google Sheets?

Protect a Worksheet

Protect individual worksheets in a Google Spreadsheet. To do this, select Tools from the menu and choose Protect sheet. You have the option to set permissions, much like a Google Doc, that will give editing rights to: anyone invited as a collaborator; only you; or a list of collaborators.

How do I block columns in Google Sheets?

To hide a column, right click on the column letter at the top of the spreadsheet and choose Hide column. To hide multiple columns, click on the first column and drag across the columns you wish to hide, or hold the Shift key and click on the last row you want to hide.

How do I limit columns in sheets?

To select more than one column or row:
  1. Click or tap on a cell to select it.
  2. Select a range or specific columns. Press Shift as you click or tap on another column or row. …
  3. Right-click to display the menu that contains the Hide Columns or Hide Rows option.
  4. Select Hide Columns or Hide Rows (Figure B).

Does Google sheets have a column limit?

Google Spreadsheets are extremely powerful and convert very well from Excel, but they do have some limitations: Up to 5 million cells for spreadsheets that are created in or converted to Google Sheets. 40,000 new rows at a time. Maximum number of columns of 18,278 columns.

How do I lock rows in Google sheets for sorting?

The following are steps for freezing rows or columns in Google Sheets:
  1. Highlight the row(s) or column(s) you would like to freeze. …
  2. Select View from the menu items.
  3. To choose the number of rows or columns you wish to freeze, hover over Freeze rows or Freeze columns and select accordingly from the drop-down list.

Can you hide columns in Google Sheets filter view?

First, start by hiding the columns you don’t want to see. You can do this by hovering your cursor over the letter of the column you don’t need right now. Select Hide Column from the drop down menu. Now you can specifically focus your attention on what you need.

How do I GREY out columns in Google Sheets?

How do you lock rows when filtering?

If you want to freeze just one row, one column or both, click the View tab, then Freeze Panes. Click either Freeze First Column or Freeze First Row to freeze the appropriate section of your data. If you want to freeze both a row and a column, use both options.

How do I sort a column but keep intact rows in Google Sheets?

In order for sorting to work correctly, your worksheet should include a header row, which is used to identify the name of each column. We will freeze the header row so the header labels will not be included in the filter. Click View and hover the mouse over Freeze. Select 1 row from the menu that appears.

How do you freeze columns and rows together?

Freeze columns and rows
  1. Select the cell below the rows and to the right of the columns you want to keep visible when you scroll.
  2. Select View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Panes.

How do I freeze first column and first row?

To freeze the top row or first column:
  1. From the View tab, Windows Group, click the Freeze Panes drop down arrow.
  2. Select either Freeze Top Row or Freeze First Column.
  3. Excel inserts a thin line to show you where the frozen pane begins.

How do I lock column width in Excel?

How to lock cell width and height from resizing in Excel?
  1. Select and right click the cells you need to unlock, then click Format Cells from the right-clicking menu. …
  2. Now you need to protect the worksheet to lock the cell sizes. …
  3. Then specify a password to your worksheet as below screenshot shown.

How do you freeze columns A and B and rows 1 and 2?

To freeze rows:
  1. Select the row below the row(s) you want to freeze. In our example, we want to freeze rows 1 and 2, so we’ll select row 3. …
  2. Click the View tab on the Ribbon.
  3. Select the Freeze Panes command, then choose Freeze Panes from the drop-down menu. …
  4. The rows will be frozen in place, as indicated by the gray line.

How do I freeze 3 columns in Excel?

How to freeze multiple columns in Excel
  1. Select the column to the right of the last column you want to freeze. For example, if you want to freeze the first 3 columns (A – C), select the entire column D or cell D1. …
  2. And now, follow the already familiar path, i.e View tab > Freeze panes > and again Freeze panes.

Why the freeze first column option is used in Excel?

The Excel Freeze Panes tool allows you to lock your column and/or row headings so that, when you scroll down or over to view the rest of your sheet, the first column and/or top row remain on the screen. The following steps show you how to use freeze panes in Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, or 2007.

How do you freeze columns A rows 1 to 3?