Is Sidney Crosby retiring?

With his NHL career entering its later stages, Crosby said he isn’t looking ahead to retirement. “I think as long as I feel good, I’d love to play as long as I can,” he said. “I don’t really have an idea of what that age is or number is. I think I just focus on playing out my contract and seeing where I’m at then.

What happened to Sidney Crosby?

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby has been dealing with his wrist injury for seven years. Every summer, he rehabbed. Every summer, it responded. And every season, it worsened until last summer when it didn’t respond.

Is Crosby done?

Sidney Crosby isn’t done. He’s still a great, great player.

What does Crosby think of McDavid?

We can say with certainty that has rarely if ever happened to him. “He’s just so good at creating something from nothing,” Crosby said of McDavid, who has risen from heir-apparent to unrivalled. “There is not a lot of danger and all of a sudden he’s on a 2-on-1 or he’s got a fast break.

Does Sidney Crosby have Covid?

Crosby was placed in NHL COVID-19 protocol Wednesday. Because he has experienced mild symptoms, the earliest he can return to the Pittsburgh lineup is Nov. … Crosby made his season debut Saturday after missing the first seven games following offseason wrist surgery.

Is Crosby hurt 2021?

On Friday, Oct. 29, the Penguins announced that Sidney Crosby would be a game-time decision for a Saturday Halloween weekend clash with the visiting New Jersey Devils. Crosby, who has been recovering from offseason wrist surgery, has yet to play in the 2021-22 campaign.

Is McDavid better than Crosby?

When Crosby was 22 he had 82 playoff points. McDavid sort of only has 9 playoff points and he’s 24.

Crosby vs. Mcdavid: A comparison through first 6 seasons.
Stat Crosby McDavid
Goals 215 194
Assists 357 375
+/- +65 +69
Points 572 569
May 10, 2021

Is Crosby still good?

In 2020-21, Crosby registered 38 assists in 55 games (20 primary assists, 18 secondary helpers). … There’s no arguing that Crosby’s career assists total is historic; his . 808 helpers per game currently rank sixth among all players in NHL history.

Are NHL players allowed in the Olympics 2022?

With the National Hockey League’s regular-season schedule having been materially disrupted as a result of increasing COVID cases and a rising number of postponed games, the National Hockey League announced today that NHL Players will not participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Can Ovechkin catch Gretzky?

As you can now see, Ovi passing Jagr is likely a foregone conclusion. Being able to catch Wayne Gretzky’s all-time goals record of 894 tallies isn’t as clear cut. If you’re doing the math at home, Ovechkin currently sits 152 goals behind Gretzky. Right now, Gretzky has played in 275 more games than Ovechkin.

Is Crosby better than Gretzky?

Gretzky is in first with 1,479 points (495 goals, 984 assists) in 896 games, followed by Jagr with 1,018 points (414 goals, 604 assists) in 858 games. … According to, Gretzky was on the ice for 70 power-play goals that season, which is 61 percent more than Crosby, who was on for 43 last season.

When did Sidney Crosby hit 500 points?

April 5, 2010
Crosby was 22 years and 244 days old when he hit 500 on April 5, 2010, the last regular-season game at the old Igloo in Pittsburgh. At the time, it appeared the 500th point was also his 50th goal of the season but it was later changed to Bill Guerin.

Who has the best plus minus in NHL history?

Best Plus-Minus in One NHL Season
Rk Name +/-
1 Bobby Orr 124
2 Larry Robinson 120
3 Wayne Gretzky 100

How old is Ovi?

26 years (October 10, 1995)

Who has the most hat tricks in the NHL?

Wayne Gretzky
The NHL record for the most natural hat tricks belongs to Wayne Gretzky at fifty. Sometimes NHL players and fans will even call a hat trick the “Wayne Gretzky Hat Trick” since his name is synonymous with this feat.

What are 4 goals in hockey called?

What are 4 goals in hockey? Scoring four goals in a hockey game is much less common than a hat trick. If a player scores four goals in a single game, it is sometimes referred to as a “Texas hat trick.” This term is less commonly used than a regular hat trick and the origins of it are uncertain.

What does G mean in hockey?

G. Goals. A goal is awarded to the last player on the scoring team to touch the puck prior to the puck entering the net. Note: Goals scored during a shootout do not count towards a player’s goal total.

Who is leading the NHL in goals?

L. Draisaitl
NHL Stat Leaders 2021-22
Goals G
1 L. DraisaitlEDM 23
2 A. OvechkinWSH 22
3 A. MatthewsTOR 20
4 K. ConnorWPG 18

What is a Texas hat trick?

/ ˈtɛk səs ˈhæt ˌtrɪk / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun Ice Hockey, Soccer. four goals scored by one player in one game: The fans got their money’s worth today—a game-winning Texas hat trick by Sarkowski, nailed down in the last minute of play!

Why are NHL players not allowed to tuck in their jerseys?

Some reporters suggested that enforcing uniform rules was the National Hockey League’s attempt to reduce freak accidents where a player’s body was cut by skate blade while others said the league was laying down rules for eventually selling advertising space that would display prominently on the entire jersey.

What is the biggest loss in NHL history?

The worst loss in NHL history belongs to the New York Rangers when they lost 15-0 to the Detroit Red Wings on January 23, 1944. This loss was so outstanding that the record has stood for 76 years, despite tens of thousands of NHL games having been played since.