What qualifies for a compassionate reassignment?


Compassionate consideration is given for problems that are irresolvable through leave, correspondence, use of a power of attorney, or the assistance of family members or other parties. Compassionate consideration is only given for family members.

How long is compassionate reassignment?

Processing of compassionate requests takes approximately 30 working days to complete. Soldiers should check with their S-1 for status of request.

How long does it take to process a 4187?

The DA Form 4187, DD 2808, and DD 2807-1 are available for download. Upon receipt of your volunteer packet, HRC will verify that you meet the minimum selection criteria and conduct a background check. This process may take up to two weeks, depending on the volume of volunteer packets received.

How do you get reassigned in the army?

Soldiers Looking for SWAP Opportunities

Soldiers can use this listing to contact these soldiers desiring to SWAP, and make an informal agreement. One of the soldiers then initiates the SWAP request, using DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action).

How do I submit a compassionate reassignment?

The soldier must provide documentation detailing the nature of the situation along with an explanation as to why the soldier’s presence is needed. With that documentation, the local military personnel office is the point-of-contact to apply for compassionate reassignment.

What is a hardship discharge from the military?

Terminology can get confusing because “hardship” and “dependency” discharges are often both loosely labeled “hardship.” Specifically, a hardship discharge is when the financial needs of family member(s) require more than the military member can provide while remaining in the military.

How long until you can Reclass in the army?

Soldiers who participate in this program must agree to serve at least 36 months of continuous active duty upon award of the new MOS. For specific program details, to include the availability of training seats, soldiers should contact their servicing career counselor.

Can you transfer from one branch of the military to another?

Once one goes on active duty, with the exception of a few commissioned officer specialties (such as a physician), one cannot simply transfer from one branch of the service to another. … Then you have to get out of the military, and then visit a recruiter to join the different service, as a prior-service recruit.

How do you become a 25D?

Requirements To Become an Army 25D MOS
  1. Must possess the an E6 rank.
  2. Must have had scored a 105 in General Technical and Skilled Technical of the ASVAB.
  3. Be a United States citizen.
  4. Be recommended by the Battalion Commander.
  5. Top Secret Security Clearance.

What is a 38B in the Army?

Army Civil Affairs Specialist (MOS 38B) are responsible for being a non-lethal liaison for local citizens in combat or crisis situations. … These specialized soldiers play a variety of roles from natural disaster support to civil affairs documentation expert.

How many MOS’s can you have in the Army?

You will then head to advanced training. During your career, you may get an additional MOS that indicate your special skills or duties performed on tours or in training programs. There are about 190 MOS’s available for enlisted Soldiers to choose from. Comparable specialties are grouped into branches or fields.

What is a 25E in the Army?

The 25E Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager MOS in the Signal Career Field is for soldiers who determine frequency requirements for units and assist in the design of supporting communication networks. … Soldiers may request reclassification to this specialty within the Signal Corps.

What is 31 Bravo in the army?

The Military Police, or MPs, also are trained in corrections and confining of inmates, prisoners of war, investigations and mobility security support around the world. Their main job is to protect and preserve the rule of law. The Army categorizes this job as military occupational specialty (MOS) 31B.

What is a 68x in the army?

The Behavioral Health Specialist works under the supervision of a psychiatrist, social worker, psychiatric nurse, or psychologist. To assist with the counseling and treatment of patients who have personal, behavioral, or mental health problems.

What is a 51C in the army?

The Army Acquisition Corps Noncommissioned Officer (MOS 51C) performs and provides specified and critical elements of the acquisition and contracting process in support of deployments, combat operations, joint operations, exercises, contingencies and sustainment operations.

What is an 11 Charlie?

OVERVIEW. The indirect fire infantryman supervises or is a member of a mortar squad, section or platoon. The mortar has the most power and range of any weapon in the infantry unit when on the battlefield. JOB DUTIES. Set up, load, and fire three types of mortars: 60 mm, 81 mm, or 120 mm.

What does MOS stand for?

Military Occupational Specialty
Acronym Definition
MOS Military Occupational Specialty (US Army)
MOS Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
MOS Microsoft Office Specialist
MOS Mean Opinion Score

What is CMP in Army?

Corps of Military Police (CMP) is the military police of the Indian Army. In addition, the CMP is trained to handle prisoners of war and to regulate traffic, as well as to handle basic telecommunication equipment such as telephone exchanges.