What is the size of the iPhone 6S Plus?

iPhone 6s Plus/Screen Size

What size is the iPhone 6 Plus?

iPhone 6 Plus/Screen Size

Is the iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 11 the same size?

Here’s how things stack up between the iPhone 6S and iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 offers even more value for your money than the iPhone XR.

iPhone 11 and 6S specs compared.
iPhone 11 iPhone 6S
Display size, resolution 6.1-inch; 1,792×828 pixels 4.7-inch; 1,334×750 pixels
Pixel density 326ppi 326ppi
Sep 16, 2019

Is iPhone 6 Plus and 6S plus the same size?

Both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are slightly bigger than their predecessors the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, however, they’re only 0.01 inches wider, taller, and thicker.

How big is a iPhone 6S inches?

iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S in Rose Gold
Form factor Slate
Dimensions 6S: 138.3 mm (5.44 in) H 67.1 mm (2.64 in) W 7.1 mm (0.28 in) D 6S Plus: 158.2 mm (6.23 in) H 77.9 mm (3.07 in) W 7.3 mm (0.29 in) D
Mass 6S: 143 g (5.0 oz) 6S Plus: 192 g (6.8 oz)
Operating system Original: iOS 9.0.1 Current: iOS 15.1, released October 25, 2021

What is the biggest iPhone?

What iPhone is The Biggest? The biggest iPhone you can buy right now is the iPhone 12 Pro Max; it has a 6.7in OLED display, the biggest ever fitted to an iPhone, and it measures in at 160.8 x 78.1 x 7.4 mm, making it the largest iPhone Apple has produced since the launch of the iPhone X.

How big is the iPhone XR compared to 6s Plus?

Name iPhone XR iPhone 6s Plus
Image Buy the iPhone XR Buy the iPhone 6s Plus
Display 6.1 inch all-screen LCD 5.5 inches
Size and weight Height: 150.9 mm Width: 75.7 mm Depth: 0.33 mm Weight: 194 grams Height: 158.2 mm Width: 77.9 mm Depth: 7.3 mm Weight: 192 grams
Rear camera 12 MP 12 MP

What iPhone is bigger than the 6s Plus?

When iPhone 6s Plus was released in 2015, it boasted the largest iPhone screen ever. As display sizes have been growing steadily, it’s not surprising that iPhone XS (even though it’s not the Plus version) has a larger screen than iPhone 6s Plus.

Which iPhone has a big screen?

The biggest iPhone models have screens of over 6 inches. These include at the very top size the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max, followed by the likes of the iPhone 11 Pro Max at 6.5 inches and the iPhone 13 at 6.1 inches.

Which is the smallest iPhone?

iPhone 13 mini (2021)

The iPhone 13 mini is the smallest iPhone there is while having the best new features.

What is the size of iphone6?

Apple iPhone 6/Screen Size

Is 6.7 inches too big for a phone?

Any phone longer than 6 inches is considered tall. … The screen measures 6.7 inches and the phone measures 6.37 by 2.9 by 0.3 inches (162 x 74 x 7.8mm). That may not seem like a big difference, but it is.

How big is a iPhone XR?

6.06 inches
The iPhone XR display has rounded corners that follow a beautiful curved design, and these corners are within a standard rectangle. When measured as a standard rectangular shape, the screen is 6.06 inches diagonally (actual viewable area is less).

What is the RAM of iPhone 6s Plus?

Apple iPhone 6s Plus Full Specifications
Processor one-core
Processor make Apple A9
Internal storage 16GB
Expandable storage No

What is the perfect phone size?

Well-suited for day-to-day basics use, a 5-inch display size is the new normal that befits you when you are desirous of a functional phone that flaunts a large display but is compact enough to fit into your hand easily.

What is the largest cell phone screen?

An absolute pocket-buster, Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra comes in at 6.44 inches, the largest smartphone yet.

What is considered a big phone?

Screen size: For fans of big phones, 6 inches and up is a good place to start. The biggest phones are 6.5 to just under 7 inches. If you want something you can easily use with one hand, go with one of the best small phones with a screen under 6 inches.

Why smaller phones are better?

A notable advantage to choosing a small phone is that they typically cost less than Plus-, Max- or Ultra-sized versions of the same device, so you won’t be penalized by having to pay more for a handset that easily fits into your lifestyle.