What is Kentucky’s population 2021?

4.51 million
Kentucky population in 2021 is estimated to be 4.51 million, ranks 25th populous state, its area is 40,408 sq. miles (104,659 sq km), 37th largest by area rank. Frankfort is the capital city and top other cities are Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro and Covington.

How poor is the state of Kentucky?

Kentucky ranks 47th in Poverty Rate at 18.3%(poverty rankings by state). The Poverty Rate of Kentucky is meaningfully higher than the national average of 14.6%.

How much of Kentucky is white?

Kentucky Demographics

White: 86.95% Black or African American: 8.07%

What is the smallest town in Kentucky?

Bandana, named on the list above, is often considered to be the smallest of all the tiny towns in Kentucky, with a population of just over 200.

What is the poorest city in Kentucky?

In 2010, Beattyville had the third-lowest median household income of all places in the United States with a population over 1,000. It was the poorest majority white town.

What is the poorest part of Kentucky?

Martin County, Kentucky

Currently, Martin County’s population is one of the poorest in the United States. Nearly 30 percent of county residents live in poverty, and most households earn less than $30,000 a year.

Who is richest person in Kentucky?

Wayne Hughes
B. Wayne Hughes founded Public Storage in 1972, and is today he is the wealthiest person in Kentucky with an estimated net worth of $2.8 billion.

What is the oldest town in Kentucky?

City of Harrodsburg Kentucky
The City of Harrodsburg Kentucky was founded in 1774 as the first permanent settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains. As Kentucky’s oldest town, the city is located in the heart of the Bluegrass Region and is surrounded by rolling countryside, horse farms, historic stone fences, historic architecture and culture.

How many billionaires are in Kentucky?

Rank by Number of Billionaires (9/15/20) State or Federal District Billionaires/ State’s 10M pop. (7/19 Census) (9/15/20)
36 South Dakota 11.30
36 District of Columbia 14.17
27 Kentucky 6.71
25 Utah 12.48

How many millionaires are in Kentucky?


Kentucky has fewer than 84,000 millionaire households.

Who is Cowboy rich Kentucky?

B. Wayne Hughes
Wayne Hughes, worth an estimated $2.8 billion, is richest man in Kentucky | Lexington Herald Leader.

Who is the richest woman in Kentucky?

Tamara Hughes Gustavson Net worth: $7.2 billion

Tamara Hughes Gustavson is the richest woman in the state of Kentucky. She is in her late 50s and is the daughter of B. Wayne Hughes, founder of Public Storage.

What is the wealthiest city in Kentucky?

Detailed List Of The Richest Cities In Kentucky
Rank City Median Income
1 Union $125,051
2 Fort Wright $85,794
3 Edgewood $104,912
4 Douglass Hills $74,485
Dec 17, 2020

What city in Kentucky has the most millionaires?

In Kentucky, Lexington is home to more billionaires than any other city. A total of two billionaires live in Lexington with a combined net worth of $8.5 billion.

Who is the richest person in Pike County Kentucky?

According to an annual list published by Forbes on Wednesday, Tamara Gustavson is the wealthiest person in the Bluegrass State with a net worth of $5.7 billion.

What is B Wayne Hughes net worth?

At the time of his death, Hughes had an estimated net worth of US$4.1 billion.
B. Wayne Hughes
Known for Founder, Public Storage
Spouse(s) Patricia Whitcraft
Children 2 (including Tamara Gustavson and B. Wayne Hughes Jr.)

Who is the richest person in Bowling Green Kentucky?

Brad Maurice Kelley (born March 27, 1956) is an American businessman who is the 7th largest landowner in the U.S., with an estimated net worth of US$2.2 billion in 2018.
Brad M. Kelley
Born March 27, 1956 Bowling Green, Kentucky, US
Nationality American
Occupation Businessperson
Known for Fourth-largest U.S. landholder

What is the oldest county in Kentucky?

Kentucky County Formation Chart
County Founding Date Founding Order
Jefferson County 1780 1 of 3 original counties
Lincoln County 1780 1 of 3 original counties
Fayette County 1780 1 of 3 original counties
Nelson County 1785 4

What is the smallest county in Kentucky?

Robertson County
Robertson County is located in north eastern Kentucky in the middle of the Licking River and Bluegrass regions of the state. It is the smallest county in population, and the second smallest in area with one hundred square miles of land.

What is the largest county in Kentucky by population?

Jefferson County
Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Kentucky?
Rank County Population
1 Jefferson County 782,969
2 Fayette County 322,570
3 Kenton County 169,064
4 Boone County 135,968