How hard is it to become a Fulbright Scholar?

How hard is it to get a Fulbright Grant? A: Very hard. From year to year the rate of success has remained virtually the same—a solid 20%. However, the “odds” vary from country to country because it depends on the popularity of the country and the number of grants that country offers.

How much does a Fulbright Scholar get?

As a ballpark figure, the stipend will fall somewhere between $1000 – $2500. Among other factors, the stipend is set based on the general cost of living of the state/city at that time.

How competitive are Fulbright scholarships?

The Fulbright Scholarship does not require a certain GPA for eligibility. With thousands of applicants each year, the Fulbright is a competitive award. If you are serious about winning, get started on your application early. For application advice, attend an IIE guidance session, which are held around the country.

How prestigious is a Fulbright?

Today, the Fulbright Program is considered the largest and most prestigious educational exchange program, providing recent college graduates, graduate students and young professionals the opportunity to continue their education or professional development through research and study in a foreign country [source: IIE].

What is the acceptance rate for Fulbright?

How competitive is it to win a Fulbright student grant? While acceptance rates change from year to year, Fulbright generally awards grants to around 20 percent of applicants to the U.S. Student Program.

Is a Fulbright scholarship worth it?

The Fulbright experience is like nothing else in the world. You get the opportunity to visit a new country, learn the culture and language, and experience life through a different lens. If you ever get the opportunity to do a Fulbright, I would 100% recommend taking it.

How many applications does Fulbright get?

How many applications for the Fulbright U.S. Student Grant for Study/Research are received each year? Between 2013-2016, the average number of applications received annually was 4,916. There was a clear drop in the number of applications in 2015-2016, but it’s hard to say if these numbers will go up again in 2018-19.

How competitive is Germany Fulbright?

Which Fulbright ETA countries have the highest award rate? Germany’s award rate has remained stable at 33% to 38% over the last four years. If you were considering applying to a Fulbright U.S. Student Grant to Germany, you might want to consider the ETA since it’s less competitive, according to our analysis.

How many Fulbright scholars are there a year?

The program provides approximately 8,000 grants annually – roughly 1,600 to U.S. students, 1,200 to U.S. scholars, 4,000 to foreign students, 900 to foreign visiting scholars, and several hundred to teachers and professionals.

Is there an interview for Fulbright?

There are two kinds of interviews for the Fulbright US Student Program. During the course of your Fulbright application, you may encounter one, both, or none at all. If you apply through a college or university, the first interview is an on-campus interview.

Why do you want a Fulbright?

Being a Fulbrighter means you are among the best and brightest in you field. Fulbright grants are awarded to the most talented scholars, graduate and PhD-students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance and will actively contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding as cultural ambassadors of Denmark.

How long is the Fulbright interview?

The interviews are your only chance to articulate, in person, your reasons for wanting to study or conduct research abroad. Each Azusa Pacific University applicant will be interviewed individually for approximately 20 minutes by a panel (3-4 members) of the Azusa Pacific University Fulbright Screening Committee.

How important is the Fulbright interview?

Student Program through your college or university. Try not to worry, though – the interview is a way to add a “face” to your Fulbright application and get helpful feedback. This interview is an additional element to your application when your campus committee rates and recommends you.

Who reads Fulbright applications?

Applications will be distributed electronically to committee members, who are then charged with reading and rating them on a scale of 1-‐4 (where 1 is the highest rating). Each committee member typically gets between 50-‐100 application packages to read.

How do you know if a scholarship interview went well?

7 ways to tell if your interview went well
  1. Body language.
  2. Introductions and office tours.
  3. Asking about your notice period and other prospects.
  4. Casual chit chat.
  5. Talking about the future, with you in it.
  6. Asking you to get in contact with any questions you might have.
  7. Providing clear next steps about how and when you’ll hear from them.