How do you cut a comb over step by step?

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Why is it important to always hold the comb while cutting?

Holding the Comb (p. 363) Both wide and fine teeth of a comb are regularly used when cutting hair. The correct body position will help you move more efficiently during the haircut and help you maintain more control over the process.

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What is a scissor cut?

A scissors cut is basically a more ‘natural’ cut. It contours to the head better than a clipper cut, which often cuts too short. The hair blends in better with a scissors cut, and the hair grows in more naturally. It’s a ‘looser’ cut, whereas a clippers cut is usually tighter.

How do I trim my husband’s hair?

Is it better to cut men’s hair wet or dry?

Wet or Dry? Clipper work is almost always performed best on dry hair, especially when it comes to blending. When the hair is wet, it can be difficult to see lines and hard to tell exactly how the hair is going to lay when cut. However, the hair should be wet for most shear and razor work.

Can I cut my husband’s hair?

Trimming a man’s hair is relatively simple if you pay attention and take your time. You can use haircutting scissors, electric clippers, or a combination of the two. Ask the man how short he wants his hair, how evenly he wants it cut, and how he plans to style his hair afterward.

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