How do I setup my Fredi camera?

HD MINI WIFI Connection Of The Camera
  1. Open your phone “Setting” to find out and connect with the camera’s wifi,name of wifi is on the back of the camera.
  2. Please open the software “FRCAM”,it automatically adds cameras.
  3. Then you can watch the live video now.

How do I reset my mini spy camera?

Pressing the “MODE” button on the mini camera for 6 seconds and it will reboot turning off and on automatically, you just need to wait about 25 seconds and you can find itself signal again in your phone wifi listings, then you can config it to connecting with new wifi, thanks.

How do I reset my spy clock camera?

Option1: When the camera is powered on, press the Power Button twice to reset all settings to factory default. Both LAN and WAN indicator lights will be illuminated for 5 seconds and then go out. The camera will restart automatically with default settings in 5 seconds.

What app do I use for Fredi camera?

this camera’s app is BVCAM,it support ios system and Android system. you can go to the google play and app store to download it. Does it need to be connected to the wifi to work ?

How do I reset my security camera password?

If you forget the password, the only way is to reset the IP Camera to factory default setting via hardware reset button. To reset the IP Camera via the hardware reset button, please press and hold the reset button for more than 10 seconds and then all the settings will go to the default settings.

Where is the reset button on IP camera?

How do I reset my DVR without reset button?

How do I reset my IP password?

To change your router’s password:
  1. Enter your router’s IP address into your favorite web browser.
  2. Log in with the default username and password (both admin, usually).
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Select Change Router Password or a similar option.
  5. Enter the new password.
  6. Save the new settings.

Does Resetting router change WiFi password?

Once you reset the router, the password for logging into the web interface and the WiFi password will be reset to their default passwords. Check out my post on how to find the default password for your wireless router.

How do I reset my 192.168 01 password?

  1. Login to Router admin panel using its default IP Address – /
  2. Enter the default username and password (admin/admin in most cases).
  3. Navigate to Wireless > Wireless Security > WPA/WPA2 – Personal (Recommended) > Password .
  4. Enter your preferred password and Save the change.

How can I reset my modem password?

How do I reset my WiFi router?

How to Reset a Router
  1. Keep your router plugged in.
  2. Find your router’s reset button. This will be on the back or the bottom of your router.
  3. Use a paperclip to hold down the reset button for 30 seconds.
  4. Release the button.
  5. Wait for the router to power back on.

How do I change my WiFi security settings?

Here’s how to change your encryption type:
  1. While you’re logged into your router’s settings, find the wireless network configuration section on the wireless security or wireless network page.
  2. Select the WPA or WPA 2 option.
  3. Click “Save” and “Apply”. You might need to reboot the router for the new settings to take effect.

How do I make my WiFi security stronger?

8 Steps to Stronger WiFi Security
  1. Use Sophisticated Passwords.
  2. Change the Default WiFi Admin Username and Password.
  3. Use the Latest WiFi Encryption.
  4. Encrypt WiFi Router Admin Pages.
  5. Update the WiFi Router Firmware Frequently.
  6. Consider Locking Down MAC Addresses.
  7. Train Users Not to Auto-Connect.
  8. Use Always-On SSL.

How do I make my WiFi private?

How to Secure Your Wireless Network
  1. Open your router settings page.
  2. Create a unique password on your router.
  3. Change your Network’s SSID name.
  4. Enable Network Encryption.
  5. Filter MAC addresses.
  6. Reduce the Range of the Wireless Signal.
  7. Upgrade your Router’s firmware.

How do I reset my post office WiFi router?

You can also try rebooting your Router – just remove the power lead for 30 seconds and then plug it back in and leave it for another 30 seconds to allow it to complete its reboot cycle.

How do I access my WiFi settings?

Step 1: Swipe a finger down from the top to expand the Notification Shade and tap the Cog icon. Step 2: With the Settings panel open, tap Network & Internet. On Samsung phones, tap Connections instead. Step 3: Tap Wi-Fi.

Why is 192.168 1.1 not opening?

If you cannot reach the login page, it may be due to: A hardwired connection configuration issue (such as a bad Ethernet cable) Entering the IP address incorrectly. An IP address issue on the computer.

Why can’t I log into my router?

Try connecting to your router in a different way. If you’re using WiFi, try using a wired Ethernet connection. You can also try different wireless connections. Disconnect from any additional Internet or VPN connections and only connect to your NETGEAR router.

What do I do when my WiFi wont pop up?

These tips should help you get that pesky open network login screen to load.
  1. Turn off alternative 3rd party DNS servers.
  2. Try to open the router’s default page.
  3. Open a non-HTTPS site in incognito.
  4. Create a new network location.
  5. Restart.

How do I get my WIFI login back?

Fix 1: Restart Your PC
  1. Disconnect from the network and turn off your Wi-Fi.
  2. Log out of the user account on your computer and shut down the system.
  3. Turn the PC back on and log back into your user account.
  4. Turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to the network once again. See if the login page will now appear in your browser.

How do I log into my 192.168 1.1 IP address?

How to Login 192.168. 1.1?
  1. Turn on your router and connect it to your computer with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open your favorite web browser and type “ the address bar.
  3. Enter the correct router login/password combination.