Why is my willow pump not working?

If you’ve dropped your Pump or if it’s been exposed to liquid, the buttons may not work. Try resetting the Pump. If this doesn’t help, stop using the Pump and give us a call so we can help you.

Why is my willow pump flashing yellow?

These lights indicate that Willow® has not achieved a latch and/or has lost suction. Check out the tips below for Containers and Milk Bags. It’s usually a simple solution.

Why is my willow blinking red?

The label states a red blinking light means “AC POWER APPLIED, BATTERY NOT CONNECTED PROPERLY.” However, a red blinking light will also occur if you have completely drained the battery. You need to restore the battery back to at least 4VDC or the Battery Tender will fault and not begin recharging.

Why is my willow pump saying its full when it’s not?

If you received an “All Full” alert but have pumped less than 4 oz., you may have too much air in the Milk Bag. Insert a new Milk Bag or empty and replace your Milk Container to continue pumping.

Is Willow or Elvie better?

Both the Elvie and Willow work best when all the parts are dry, so the extra drying time afforded by the second set of parts was helpful. If the user isn’t storing the milk, but just pumping to feed their baby shortly afterward, then the bag innovations of the Willow don’t pay off, making the Elvie easier to deal with.