What is the mean of notification?

a formal notifying or informing. an act or instance of notifying, making known, or giving notice; notice. a written or printed notice, announcement, or warning: Notifications were mailed to the winners.

Is notifies a correct word?

no•ti•fy. v.t. -fied, -fy•ing. 1. to inform; give notice to: to notify the police of a crime. 2.

What is the base word for notify?

The Latin source is notificare , “to make known,” which comes from the roots notus, “known,” and facere, “make.”

What is another word for notifications?

What is another word for notification?

Is another name for notification area?

The notification area is commonly referred to as the system tray, which Microsoft states is wrong, although the term is sometimes used in Microsoft documentation, articles, software descriptions, and even applications from Microsoft such as Bing Desktop.