Can I narrow a Billy bookcase?

Billy shelves have a veneered edge on the front, but not on the sides or back. If you rip the shelf to make it narrower, make sure the off-cut is from the back of the shelf so you can preserve the veneered edge. If you prefer, you can purchase edge beading and apply it to all the edges after you’re finished cutting.

How wide are standard bookshelves?

The standard width is 31 inches. The depth will range from 12 to 13 inches. However, it’s not hard to find a two-shelf bookcase as tall as 36 inches. Two-shelf bookcases are the right size for small book collections, or to serve as bookcases dedicated to encyclopedias and large photographic books.

Are Ikea Billy bookcases any good?

The original Billy bookcase ranks at an overall 4.6/5 stars on the Ikea website under their customer reviews section, making it a generally liked product. In the specific product review breakdown, the Billy bookcase received the following ratings: Value for Money: 4.7/5. Product Quality: 4.5/5.

Do Billy bookcase shelves sag?

Why do Billy Bookcase Shelves Sag? Billy bookcases sag because they are made out of particle-board. This material, while cheap, is not as durable as pure wood or other shelf materials.

How deep is a Billy bookcase?

IKEA Billy Bookcases come in height variations from tall at 93.25” (237 cm) to short at 41.75” (106 cm). Widths range from wide designs at 31.5” (80 cm) to thin designs at 15.75” (40 cm). All bookcases have a depth of 11” (28 cm).

How much space do you need between bookshelves?

Most open or floating shelves in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom have a distance of 8 to 12 inches between each. However, a gap of 7 to 15 inches between shelves is permissible. For bookcases, shelves are usually 8 to 12 inches from one another.

How do I make my Billy bookcase more sturdy?

To correct and strengthen your BILLY, all you need is a few more nails (consider using double the nails as suggested in the original instructions) and some wood glue. Place the flimsy backing piece back on your bookcase as directed, but use more nails hammered more closely together.

Do you need to fix Billy bookcase to wall?

Bookcases do not need to be fixed to the wall unless circumstances call for it due to safety reasons. It is recommended that you fix your bookcase to a wall if you have pets or small children, or if you live in areas that are prone to earthquakes.

Can you leave the back off a Billy bookcase?

The downside of not using backing is it makes the bookcases much less stable, but we are adding plenty of trim and wood facing so these are still solid as a rock. I wouldn’t recommend using an IKEA billy bookcase without the back unless you are planning to reinforce the bookcase somehow.

How do you make Billy bookcases look expensive?

Can you put doors on a Billy bookcase?

An Ikea Billy bookcase can be used with or without wooden or glass fronted doors, thanks to the pre-drilled holes for the adjustable shelving. … This task will be a lot easier and safer if you have someone to help you hold the doors steady while attaching them to the bookcase.

Will Ikea Billy bookcase fit in car?

Thanks for the info! Yes.

Can you put wallpaper on Billy bookcase?

Brightening up a boring Billy Bookcase – IKEA Hackers

It is very box like and needed a bit of livening up so I applied fabric to the backing panel and it looks fantastic. Simply build the bookshelf structure and then before you place the shelves in – apply fabric / wallpaper/ stencil or any kind of material to […]

Can I paint Billy bookcase?

The Ikea Billy bookcase has a laminate exterior that is difficult to paint. … Once you have an even layer of primer, you can paint the bookshelf with your paint of choice. Since Billy is covered in a thin laminate veneer and not wood, the usual sanding method to prep for paint will not work.

How do you join Billy bookcases together?

Does Billy bookcase have a back?

Ikea debuted its classic and clean-lined Billy bookcases in October of 1979, and 30 years later, still produce one every 15 minutes. Unfortunately, Billy’s sleek looks and slender price tag are not matched in durability. … Replacing the back of a Billy bookcase is a lot easier than assembling it in the first place.

Can you paint a bookcase?

You can use paint to dress up a solid wood or particle board shelf to make it more modern or playful. Wood absorbs paint, so an already painted bookshelf requires some preparation before you can grab the brush and get started. … Sand the entire bookcase, including the shelves, lightly with a fine-grit sandpaper.

Can I wallpaper IKEA furniture?

Can you put wallpaper on IKEA furniture? Yes, you can use wallpaper on IKEA furniture. I’ve used peel and stick wallpaper on the back of a Billy bookcase with success. IKEA furniture is practically made to be hacked with paint and wallpaper!

Has IKEA discontinued BILLY?

The BILLY bookcase is a legend. One of IKEA’s signature products, BILLY models remain in the company’s catalog year after year, and it even has its own entry on Wikipedia.

Can you stack 2 BILLY bookcases?

BILLY bookcases are built with a stackable design that allows you to attach new units whenever you need additional storage, just decide on what height suits your space best. Every model in the BILLY series also features adjustable shelves so you can fit anything from books to trophies, and everything in between.

How many books does a BILLY bookcase hold?

The ubiquitous IKEA Billy bookcase, for example, runs almost 30″ wide and has 6 shelves. That means it offers just under 180″ of shelf. If you need 600 inches of shelf, you’ll need 3.33 bookshelves (600 divided by 180).