Is MovieStarPlanet secure?

MovieStarPlanet employs a number of anti-fraud measures, including but not limited to MasterCard Secure & Verified by Visa.

What age do you have to be to play MSP?

MovieStarPlanet offers websites and apps for children between mainly 8 and 15 years. As part of our child safeguarding policy, MovieStarPlanet does not allow the use of the site by adults (those over 18 years).

Did Pumpchkin delete her account?

She has been inactive for several years, although hackers have been able to access her account for nefarious reasons, eventually leading to her account’s deletion in May 2020.

Does MovieStarPlanet exist?

MovieStarPlanet 2 is a new game in our universe, and both MovieStarPlanet and MovieStarPlanet 2 will co-exist for a long time. We will continue to release themes and maintain MovieStarPlanet, while we also develop MovieStarPlanet 2.