What does it mean by well-endowed?

Definition of well-endowed

1 : well-supported financially : well-fixed. 2 : having large breasts. 3 : having a large member.

What is another word for well-endowed?

What is another word for well-endowed?
endowed blessed
equipped graced
endued favoredUS
favouredUK furnished
supplied provided

What does looking well hung mean?

having large genitals. said of a man: a somewhat vulgar usage: also well hung.

What is well versed means?

highly experienced, practiced, or skilled; very knowledgeable; learned: He is a well-versed scholar on the subject of biblical literature.

What is the opposite of well endowed?

Opposite of rich, affluent, or financially prosperous. destitute. impecunious. impoverished.

What is the opposite of endowed?

Opposite of endowed with skill, ability or intelligence. untalented. clumsy. incompetent. inept.

What do you call someone who is well versed in something?

knowledgeable, up, up-to-date, well-informed.

Do you hyphen well versed?

Compound adjectives require a hyphen if they go before a noun: He is a well-versed professor. No hyphen if it comes after the noun: The professor is well versed in his subject.

What’s another word for well-informed?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for well-informed, like: well-read, open-minded, informed, advised, educated, learned, schooled, trained, versed, intelligent and better-informed.

How do you say I am well versed?

You can use any of the following after “well versed”:
  1. Comprehensively knowledgeable (about) If you are using it for something comprehensively knowledgeable, then use “about”.
  2. Well acquainted (with) If you are using it for something well acquainted, then use “with”.
  3. Skilled (in)

What does it mean when someone is well-read?

Definition of well-read

: well-informed or deeply versed through reading well-read in history.

Is well versed informal?

informal), acquainted, well-informed, proficient, sussed (Brit.

Is better versed correct?

The comparative of “well”, normally, is “better“, not “more well”. “Versed” is a good word, but it is usually followed by a phrase beginning with “in”.

What can a well read person do?

A well-read person has read a lot of books and has learned a lot from them. He was clever, well-read and interested in the arts.

Does Elon Musk read a lot?

Most successful people credit reading, in some capacity, as a factor in their success. A young Elon Musk read for 10 hours each day before growing up to become Tesla CEO. These days, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates reads a new book every week.

Why do CEOs read so many books?

They believe that whatever problems they are facing somebody must have encountered them earlier and written down the solutions he/she implemented in the form of a book. Hence, a CEO loves reading books because they can find the answers to their problems in them.

Does Jeff Bezos read?

Jeff Bezos/Books

How long does Warren Buffett read?

Warren Buffett spends five to six hours a day reading five newspapers and 500 pages of corporate reports. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. Mark Zuckerberg aimed to read at least one book every two weeks. Elon Musk grew up reading two books a day, according to his brother.

How fast can Bill Gates read?

approximately 150 pages per hour
According to his wife Melinda, Bill reads approximately 150 pages per hour, a staggering speed, especially given that he takes in and understands the vast majority of what he reads (his comprehension level is off the charts).