Who was that masked man who yelled Hi Ho Silver Away?

Trendle found his man in Clayton Moore, born Jack Carlton Moore 35 years earlier on Chicago’s south side. Moore had worked as a trapeze artist at Chicago’s 1933-34 World’s Fair and later as an actor in a number of movies, including quite a few westerns.

Why was the Lone Ranger mask?

The Lone Ranger (formerly known as John Reid) is a one-time Texas Ranger, the sole survivor of a group of Rangers killed in ambush. He wears a mask to conceal his identity as he travels throughout the West fighting for law and order.

Did the Lone Ranger ever show his face?

No, not really, but whenever he was asked to appear in character as the Lone Ranger he was careful to strictly stay in character as long as he was wearing the costume and mask. He also chose to follow the Lone Ranger’s Creed and Code of Behavior in his everyday life. How and when did Clayton Moore pass away?

What did Tonto say to his horse?

Tonto’s horse was called Scout. When the Lone Ranger shouted “Hi-ho, Silver-away!” Tonto would mumble “Get-um up, Scout”.

Was Tonto a real Indian?

Tonto is a fictional character; he is the Native American (either Comanche or Potawatomi) companion of the Lone Ranger, a popular American Western character created by George W. … Show creator Trendle grew up in Michigan, and knew members of the local Potawatomi tribe, who told him it meant “wild one” in their language.

Is Tonto still alive?

Jay Silverheels, 62, who costarred in the long-running “Lone Ranger” television series as the faithful Indian Tonto, died Wednesday at the Motion Picture and Television Country House. A spokesman at the home said he died of complications from pneumonia. He had been hospitalized there since Jan.

Is kemosabe a real word?

Ke-mo sah-bee (/ˌkiːmoʊˈsɑːbiː/; often spelled kemo sabe, kemosabe or kimosabe) is the term used by the fictional Native American sidekick Tonto as the “Native American” name for the Lone Ranger in the American television and radio programs The Lone Ranger. It has become a common catchphrase.

Why did Clayton Moore leave Lone Ranger?

Moore’s daughter Dawn, in a 2014 interview available on YouTube, says Trendle believed Moore wanted a share of the merchandising revenue from the show. Since he considered actors playing a masked man were interchangeable, he fired Moore (who, according to Dawn, never would have asked for the merchandising money).

What does Tonto mean in Apache?

The neighboring Western Apache ethnonym for them was Koun’nde (“wild rough People”), from which the Spanish derived their use of Tonto (“loose”, “foolish”) for the group.