What is the story behind Vanity Fair?

“Vanity Fair” originally meant “a place or scene of ostentation or empty, idle amusement and frivolity”—a reference to the decadent fair in John Bunyan’s 1678 book, The Pilgrim’s Progress.

Is Vanity Fair based on a book?

Vanity Fair is an English novel by William Makepeace Thackeray, which follows the lives of Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley amid their friends and families during and after the Napoleonic Wars. … In 2003, Vanity Fair was listed at No. 122 on the BBC’s The Big Read poll of the UK’s best-loved books.

Who is Vanity Fair based on?

Vanity Fair is a 2004 historical drama film directed by Mira Nair and adapted from William Makepeace Thackeray’s 1848 novel of the same name.

Vanity Fair (2004 film)
Vanity Fair
Based on Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray
Produced by Janette Day

What is Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray about?

A novel that chronicles the lives of two women who could not be more different: Becky Sharp, an orphan whose only resources are her vast ambitions, her native wit, and her loose morals; and her schoolmate Amelia Sedley, a typically naive Victorian heroine, the pampered daughter of a wealthy family.

What is the moral of Vanity Fair?

By William Makepeace Thackeray. Because Vanity Fair is a satire, it is by definition an exploration of the moral and ethical questions of its time. … Thackeray’s disparaging eye ranges over rampant materialism, snobbery, and the brutal internal logic of the social hierarchy.

What happens to Becky Sharp at the end of Vanity Fair?

After the death of her husband, Rawdon Crawley, and her subsequent estrangement from her son, Becky ends up in the town of Pumpernickel, Germany (also known as Weimar), working in a casino.

Who married George Osborne in Vanity Fair?

Character Analysis George Osborne. George Sedley Osborne, John Sedley’s godson, has been close to the Sedley family all his life. He and Joseph have gone to school together. Old Osborne has commanded him to marry Amelia, and this plan has been understood for years.

Why is Vanity Fair called a novel without a hero?

Thackeray’s Vanity Fair is called a “novel with a hero” because it contains no heroic character the reader can identify with or look up to. It is meant, instead, to depict a world in which everything is up for sale, and almost everyone is grasping for money and status.

When did Thackeray write Vanity Fair?

Vanity Fair, novel of early 19th-century English society by William Makepeace Thackeray, published serially in monthly installments from 1847 to 1848 and in book form in 1848.

What happens to George Osborne in Vanity Fair?

Fittingly, in the end, George dies face-down in a pile of mud, which is a nicely ironic comeuppance for a fellow so in love with his own face. Amelia is left to love and worship his portrait.

Who does Becky Sharp end up with?

Sharp’s marriage to Rawdon Crawley is a major step up the social ladder, although, comments Bloom, this “ladder was a magic one and could withdraw itself at will”.

Does Amelia marry Dobbin in Vanity Fair?

After the confrontation in Pumpernickel, Dobbin loses his illusions about Amelia and his hopes that she will one day come to love him. … He does win Amelia, after all, and marries her, though he no longer loves her and knows, as Thackeray said he would in a letter to a friend, that she is not worth winning.

Is Becky Sharp a psychopath?

Result? – She came out in the top 7% of people for primary psychopathy: ie, emotionally shallow, insincere and manipulative behaviour. For secondary psychopathy, or antisocial behaviour, however, it was quite the opposite – she was in the lowest 20%. … In general she acts emotion more often than she feels it.

Why does Rawdon leave Becky?

In London, as Becky is elevated to higher and higher echelons of society, Rawdon feels how distant the two are becoming from one another. He is not clever or educated enough to keep up with her, and he grows bored with this kind of social life.

Does Becky Love Rawdon?

And this Becky actually loves Rawdon. We even feel sorry for her when, in a scene that is a clear homage to ”Gone With the Wind” — and that places this Becky in the tradition of the greatest scheming heroine in movies — she pleads with Rawdon not to leave her.

What happens to Rawdon in Vanity Fair?

Separated from wife and son, although sending money for both, Rawdon dies of yellow fever in Coventry Island.

Who does Amelia Sedley marry?

From a young age she is assumed to be engaged to George Osborne, the son of her father’s closest friend. She is sent to school at Miss Pinkerton’s, where she wins many friends even if she doesn’t influence many people. When she graduates she takes her friend Becky Sharp home with her for a few days.

Is there a Vanity Fair Season 2?

Ahead of the series finale, fans suggested that the show could return for another instalment – despite the season ending where the novel, published in 1848, does. However the show’s writer, Gwyneth Hughes, has now confirmed that there will be no second series of Vanity Fair.

Was Becky Sharp real?

While any woman that inspired Becky would have been a force to be reckoned with, it doesn’t seem that Thackeray based Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair on one real person. As you’ll see when Amazon Prime’s Vanity Fair miniseries premieres on Dec.

In which subjects did Amelia excel at Vanity Fair?

She has mastered these accomplishments: music, dancing, orthography, embroidery, and needlework.

Is Vanity Fair worth reading?

It was definitely worth reading, but it did drag in parts and I had to force myself to read x amount of pages everyday. However, I found that William Makepeace Thackeray crafted a really artistic and satiric novel.